Monday, August 22, 2016

NH Masters/Seniors Games 5,000 meters

After missing the Friday Night Lights 10,000, I signed up for the New Hampshire Masters Games (formerly known as the “Senior” games) for an opportunity to get on the outdoor track.  I was hoping that a 5,000 on the track would get me some much needed leg turnover after all of the Mountain racing I’d done and a poor showing in the heat at the 5m road champs.  I spent a long weekend bagging a few state highpoints along with a bunch of Trustees of the Reservations sites.  That left me a bit tired and not really “up” for the race on Sunday morning.
I arrived at the Manchester high school track and found the facility to be very nice.  It was sunny and warm in MA but when I got to the track it was cloudy and 70 degrees when I hit the track for a 3 mile warm-up.  By the time I finished the clouds had cleared and the temperature had jumped to nearly 80.  Not as bad as last weekend but warmer than I wanted.  We were the first event of the day and there was a 15 minute delay as they weren’t quite ready for us.  Only 6 guys and one lady showed up for the 5,000.  Ages ranged from 51 to 81.  I was pretty sure I would be on my own and once the gun fired I was out in front.
My goal was to run around 5:40 pace which would be 85 seconds per lap.  I hit the first 400 meters in 81 and after that settled in.  I took splits every lap but just looked every ½ mile, figuring I was moving as fast as I could and seeing a split probably wouldn’t get me going any faster.  I focused on the lapped runners in front of me which helped the 12.5 laps go by.  I never felt good but ran pretty even, after a faster than expected first lap (and by virtue of that a first kilometer) my K splits were all within 1.5 seconds at 3:28.1, 3:34.2, 3:35.1, 3:35.4, 3:35.7.  My only disappointment was that I didn’t have any kick over the last lap.  I suppose that means I was going as fast as I could.  If nothing else this helps my confidence heading into the New England 10 mile championships this coming weekend.
Kilos        1600s      Splits       400m split
                               01:21.6     1:21.6
                               02:45.3     1:23.7
3:28.1                      04:10.9     1:25.6
               05:36.7     05:36.7     1:25.8
3:34.2                      07:02.3     1:25.6
                               08:28.1     1:25.8
                               09:54.6     1:26.5
3:35.1      05:43.5     11:20.2     1:25.6
                               12:46.4     1:26.2
3:35.4                      14:12.8     1:26.4
                               15:39.1     1:26.3
               05:44.9     17:05.1     1:26.0
3:35.7                      17:48.5     0:43.4
2016 New Hampshire Masters Games - 8/21/2016                   
Memorial HS - Manchester NH                          
M50 5000 M Run
Name                     Age Team               Time        Age Graded              Age-Grading%
1 Dave Dunham        M52 MA, MA              17:48.54                  15:56.67                  79.13%
2 William Newsham   M51 NH, NH               20:33.92                 18:24.73                  68.52%
M55 5000 M Run
1 Stephen Shin         M55 VT, VT               23:58.88                  20:38.02                  61.15%
M65 5000 M Run
1 Stephen Viegas      M68 MA, MA              23:46.97                  18:46.17                  67.22%
M75 5000 M Run
1 Hugh Wilson          M77 NH, NH              32:31.05                  22:41.45                  55.60%
M80 5000 M Run
1 Rodney L'Italien     M81 MA, MA              36:23.13                  23:03.67                  54.71%

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