Friday, August 26, 2016

Run & Bike up Mt Washington

CMS teammate Erik Vandendries completed the Mt Washington double again this year!  He completed the foot race in June taking 2nd place in the 50+ age group with a personal best 1:11:51 (18th place overall).  Last weekend he completed the bike race in 1:02:59.  The combined time of 2:14:50 is a record for doing both races in the same year.  This breaks his record from last year when he ran a 1:12:20 and biked 1:03:15 for a total of 2:15:35.

In reviewing results from both races (I have all Mt Washington results and bike results to 1997) Erik is the only runner to have gone under 1:15 on the bike and foot race in the same year.  I did find a couple who have done both under 1:15 but on different years

Name                Bike      Run      Total

Lou Bregou        1:06:21 1:13:43 2:20:04 Different years

Matt Mallet         1:07:51 1:12:52 2:20:43 Different years


Erik Vandendries 1:03:15 1:12:20 2:15:35 2015

Eric Vandendries 1:02:59 1:11:51 2:14:50 2016


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Matt Mallet said...

Whiteface mountain has a run and a bike and at least for a couple of years they had an award for the best combined time.