Friday, December 2, 2016

Breakdown of Grand Prix race participants

I've never seen a breakdown of USATF NE participants versus overall runners in each GP race and thought it might be interesting to figure it out. 

I was surprised that over 80% of the finishers at the 20k were USATF, that is pretty amazing.  The lowest USATF turnout percentage was the 1/2 marathon, which again wasn't a big surprise New Bedford probably gets that many GP runners even when it isn't in the GP!

I'm not sure why the turnout was so low in the marathon, maybe the conflict with the USATF NE XC?  Or maybe some stayed away since many titles were already settled before the race started?

Race USATF finishers Total finishers
5k 552 953 58%
13.1m 517 2469 21%
5m 380 679 56%
10m 378 1216 31%
20k 249 301 83%
10k 487 936 52%
26.2m 121 486 25%
2684 7040 38%

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