Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Looking back (way back)

25 years ago today  (12/28/91) I went to the weekly Fresh Pond series. This series has been going on for many years and features a 2.5 or 5 mile (one or two loops around the Fresh Pond Reservoir).  The race has no entry fee, no prizes, not t-shirts, but always has great competition.  It isn’t hyperbole to say that some of the best runners in the country (and the world) have raced at Fresh Pond.  My goal was to run 3 loops in approximately 5:10 pace which was my goal pace for the marathon.  George Patriarca (a Multi-time All-American at Brandeis) took it out in sub-5’s as he coasted to a win in the 2.5 mile race.  I ran alone from the start running loops of 12:42, 12:56 to win the 5m in 25:37.  I continued on through a third loop of 12:59.
1 Dave Dunham 25:37
2 Brendan Culley 26:21
3 Stuart Schatzer 26:29
4 Jim Ross 28:27
5 Mike Dubois 28:29
2.5 1st George Patriarca 12:23

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