Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Dartmouth Relays

Dartmouth relays: I had a choice between a few different races this weekend and ultimately chose the Dartmouth relays because I enjoy indoor track and there are so few opportunities for masters (or seniors) competition.  I convinced Eric Morse to join in the fun.  My hope was to run faster than my 10:19.8 I’d run at BU the previous week (although Dartmouth is a slower track with it being flat and having almost no straight).
It took nearly an hour longer than the normal 1.5 hours driving to Hanover due to the snowstorm on Saturday night.  Once I got to Warner NH the driving was fine.  It was below zero when I arrived at the indoor track but it was sunny and there was no wind so being outside for a warm-up wouldn’t be a problem.  Eric ran earlier in the day so I headed out on my own for a 3 mile warm-up.  I didn’t feel great.  After switching into race gear I felt a little better as we did another mile on the track with some strides.  Eric had seeded himself at 11:00 since he hadn’t done an indoor track race in a decade.  I was seeded at 10:20.  Only two other people entered the race!
My goal was to run steady and try to get as close to 41 seconds per lap as possible.  After an opening 41 flat Eric wished me luck and I was on my own.  I was mostly running mid-to-upper 41s and kept thinking “I can pick it up the final kilometer”.  Wishful thinking.  It was mostly just damage control the final K, as I felt like I was picking it up but was merely holding steady.  Along the way I heard people calling out stuff like “good work guys” and knew that Eric wasn’t too far behind (he told me after he was 2-4 seconds back the entire way).  With less than 2 laps to go he went flying by and put a few seconds on me right away.  I had no response and didn’t even have a kick (I did the week before).  Eric took the win by over 4 seconds.  I can’t complain about a 10:21 but wish I had something in the tank.  Hopefully these races will help later in the year (aiming for the Amherst 10 mile in 6 weeks).
Eric and I did an easy 2 mile warm-down outside then called it a day.  Not a bad start to 2017.
3000 Meter Run
1 Eric Morse       M51 Berlin, VT              10:17.28 
2 Dave Dunham  M52 Bradford, MA        10:21.80 
3 Geoff Dunbar   M46 Unattached            11:02.53 
4 Patricia Ford    W61 Lafayette, NY        13:11.44 
200       Rolling   400       Kilometer          
41.3      1:22.3              
41.4      2:03.7              
41.4      2:45.1   1:22.8  
41.7      3:26.8               3:26.8
41.7      4:08.5   1:23.4  
41.9      4:50.4              
41.5      5:31.9   1:23.4  
41.6      6:13.5              
41.8      6:55.3   1:23.4   3:28.5
41.7      7:37.0              
41.6      8:18.6   1:23.3  
41.4      9:00.0              
41.5      9:41.5   1:22.9  
40.3      10:21.8             3:26.5

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