Thursday, January 12, 2017

M is for music

I’m listening to a lot of music on the run since I’m mostly on my own.  I found that shuffle doesn’t really shuffle well enough so I’m currently listening to 3,000 songs in alphabetical order.  It makes for interesting thought exercises (what is the title?  What song comes next?  How many versions of the same song do I have?)
I’m on “M” and here was today’s playlist
Mint Car – The Cure
Minutes to memories – John Mellencamp
The miracle of Joey Ramone – U2
Misery – Green Day
Miss Gradenko – The Police
Miss Hollywood – Carbon Leaf
Miss You – Rolling Stones
Misty Morning Albert Bridge – The Pogues
MLK – U2
Mohammed’s Radio – Warren Zevon
Moments in time – The Alarm
Money – Pink Floyd

1 comment:

DoubleJ said...

Mint Car for the win.