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January 1997 & 2002

20 years ago: (January 1997) The year started well but ended with me out with a stress fracture that I continued to run on until it broke.  I still have the screw in my foot.  I had a solid month of training in January, running 444 miles without missing a day.  I kicked off the new year with a win back at the Freezer Five running a 26:51 in snow and 15 degree temperatures.  A week later (01-10-97) I was up at Dartmouth where I won the 5,000 in 15:06.  I noted I felt “lousy” but ran even splits of 3:00, 3:00, 3:01, 3:03, and 3:02 for each Kilometer.  Two weeks after that (01-26-97) I closed out the month with a win at the Boston Prep 16 mile in a course record 1:28:49.  Teammate and training partner Byrne Decker and I raced together through 13 miles where I was able to gap him and then hold on for the win.  It was a tough day for the 237 finishers (although not the epic tough that Boston Prep sometimes get) with 30 degree temps and sunshine but nasty winds gusting to 25 mph.
From Coolrunning:
Dave Dunham of Bradford, MA, nursing a sore hamstring after his sub-2:20 effort at the Rocket City Marathon on December 14th, ran just fast enough to record his fourth Freezer Five win in four attempts dating back to 1992. Ed Sato of Worcester, who at age 68 completed 104 races in 1996, finished the year by running the Worcester Mile at 4:00PM on New Year's Eve and the Run into the New Year First Night 5K in Keene, NH which began at 11:45PM. Less than eleven hours later, Ed completed the Freezer Five. (According to Steve Brooks of Gardner, who "outages" Ed by two years, Ed only completed 103.5 races in '96 because the Run into the New Year First Night 5K began in '96, but ended in '97.) With the course 60 - 75% snow-covered and the temperature in the low teens, times were universally two to three minutes slower than usual.
1          Dave Dunham                30-39M  CMS      Bradford, MA                  26:51
2          Tim Blouin                     40-49M  GLRR     Templeton, MA               27:29
3          Jim Garcia                      30-39M  CMS      Westford, MA                  27:38
4          Kevin McGovern              30-39M  CMS      W. Boylston, MA              27:43
5          Rich Ovian                     40-49M  CMS      Worcester, MA                28:11
Dartmouth 01-10-97 Finals X30+ 5,000 METER RUN
Men 30 1. Dave Dunham, USA NH 15:06.46;
2. Chip Langmaid, USA St. Johnsbury, VT 17:25.96;
3. Jack Burk, USA GBTC 18:36.43;
Men 35 1. Lou Ristaino, USA East Boston, MA 16:00.13;
2. David Wilhide, USA Hyde Park, VT 16:46.21;
3. Ernest Brake, USA 17:14.1
Men 40 1. John Dowling, USA 17:16.69;
2. Scott Mosenthal, USA Briarcliff, NY 17:35.04;
3. Tom Kolb, USA Gate City Striders 17:48.21;
Men 45 1. Tom Walton, USA Contoocook, NH 18:03.08;
Men 50 1. Tom Heffernan, USA Rutland, VT 21:32.59.
01-26-97 Boston Prep 16 mile
1          1:28:49 5:34      DAVE DUNHAM                32M      BRADFORD MA
2          1:29:21 5:36      BYRNE DECKER               29M      YARMOUTH MA
3          1:30:55 5:41      KEITH KELLY                  34M      MANCHESTER NH
4          1:31:03 5:42      DAVID BEAULEY              30M      NASHUA NH
5          1:32:54 5:49      HUFF FURR                     33M      TURNERS FALLS MA
6          1:34:26 5:55      CRAIG FRAM                   38M      PLAISTOW NH
7          1:35:04 5:57      KENNETH CARABBA          28M      FITCHBURG MA
8          1:36:23 6:02      DANIEL BEAULEY             30M      DOVER NH
9          1:38:18 6:09      AL PAINE                       32M      SOMERVILLE MA
10         1:38:24 6:09      JOHN O'BRIEN                30M      BRIGHTON MA
15 years ago: (January 2002) I had a reasonably successful January in 2002, covering 377 miles while not missing any days and racing four times.  I started the year (01-01-02) finishing second place in 16:02 three seconds out in the Hangover Classic.  Next up (01-12-02) was a qualifying race for the US Snowshoe championships.  I headed up to Killington with Richard Bolt to secure a trip to nationals.  Richard took 2nd in 24:12 and I was third in 25:01 over a tough 5km course, some dude we’d never heard of won in 23:37 (I think he was a skier trying out snowshoe racing).  The following week (01-19-02) we headed out to Colorado for the so called “North American Championships”.  The race was not the style of racing I was used to (you had to know the course to know when there would be fast running and when there would be very deep powder).  I ended up a very disappointing 17th place.  A week later (01-26-02) I hosted a race at Beaver brook and topped a field of 22 running 2.7 miles doing multiple loops around a field with just a hint of snow.                                                                                                                                       
01-01-2002 Hangover Classic
1 STEPHEN MEINELT        18 M       15:59  5:08
    2 DAVE DUNHAM            37 M       16:02  5:09
    3 ABEDON PICHARDO      33 M       16:05  5:10
    4 JIM QUATROS              39 M       16:17  5:13
    5 ROBERT BENEDETTO     30 M       16:42  5:22
    6 GREG MACGOWAN         35 M       17:35  5:39
    7 MOLLY TABER                28 F       17:52  5:44
Beaver Brook Snowshoe (01-26-02) Due to a dearth of snow, what was scheduled to be a 6K was altered to a 4.5K, 4-loop race that was run in a field which had a residue of snow. According to the RD, "It was actually not that bad!" Conditions: sunny; 40 degrees. 22 finishers
1 Dave Dunham              17:39 Bradford MA
2 Stephen Peterson         19:15 Chelmsford MA
3 Ken Clark                    20:09 Somers CT
4 Edward Alibozek           22:23 Suffield CT
5 Bruce Marvonek           23:26 Stafford Springs CT

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