Thursday, February 16, 2017

Looking back 15 years ago

02-16-02: CMS put three in the top 12 at the US snowshoe championships in Traverse City MI.  Richard Bolt and I scored “podium finishes”.  The course was icy with very little snow, this is the fastest I’ve ever gone on snowshoes (sub 6’s).
Finish    Name                           State                            Time                Place in Division
         Josiah Middaugh          Colorado                        36:31               Natl Champion
2          Dave Dunham               Massachusetts               37:04               2nd Open Men
3          Richard Bolt                  New Hampshire            37:21               3rd Open Men
         Charlie Wertheim         Colorado                        37:33               4th Open Men
5          Phil Bedford                  Michigan                       37:53               Natl Masters Champion
6          Tom Sobal                     Colorado                       38:34               2nd Masters Men
7          Keith Woodward           Vermont                        38:44               3rd Masters Men
8          Nick Fitzsimmons         New York                      38:59               5th Open Men
9          Bernie Boettcher            Colorado                       39:25               6th Open Men
10         Brad Kahrs                    Michigan                      39:30               4th Masters Men
11         Marshall Randall           Michigan                      40:53               5th Masters Men
12         Alan Bernier                  New Hampshire            40:59               7th Open Men
Nothing to do with this post but an old picture of Al (and me, Larry Sayers, and Eric Morse)

Old pic of me and Bolt on the East Summit looking toward Greylock

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