Thursday, March 30, 2017

Gilmanton 5k

I hadn't done the Gilmanton 5k in four year but things timed out perfectly for running in the 19th annual classic put on by longtime friend and teammate Scott Clark.    This would be my fifth time taking on the challenging 6k loop that dropped for 3k before a mountainous fourth kilometer as you climbed the dirt road that Scott grew up on (you pass his house/farm just before completing the climb).  The last time I did the race I took second place as a young Nacho Hernando flew by me in the final 50 meters.  I've slowed a lot since 2013 and had no expectation of challenging anyone for the win.  The course tends to run about 45 seconds slower than a "normal" 5k which based on my times earlier this yer would bring me in around 18:15.  Ernie Brake has the 50+ record (17:55) whic I felt was out of reach unless I had a miraculous day.  I had my sights set on the second fastest 50+ time (also Ernie Brake) of 18:35.  My time four years ago was 17:35 so I amied for splits about 7 secons per mile slower than that year.

Kevin tilton met up with me for a warm-up and I was surprised to find fellow teammates Chris Mahoney and Jim Johnson had shown up and bothe were interested in running the course.  It had snowed the night before but the paved road was just wet.  The dirt road was a mix of snowe, ice, dirt, and a little mud.  It was manageable but you'd need to pick your spots.

I changed into racing gear and headed out for another mile with a ocuple of strides.  Tim Cox bourght at least 10 kids to race including his son who'd set a single age world record at 5k a couple of years ago.  The Coe-Brown kids sprinted out at the start.  I got out okay in the top 20 and the first 400 meters had to be careful to not get behind any of the kids (when the sprint was over they sometimes come to a nearly complete stop).  I had my garmin set to give me splits at each kilometer due o the nature of the coure and hit 1k in 3:20 which was basically what i hoped for.  I was in 12th place at that point.  Not much changed as the drop got a bit steeper and I split the 2nd K in 3:17.  The third K drops even more drastically but the sharp turn onto the dirt road the the start of the climb can slow things down.  I was surpirsed to run another 3:17 split as I moved up to 10th place.  Then "WOW" you just hit the hill, the 200m form 3k to 2 miles took me 1:19 (10:30pace!).  Two guys passed me on the climb as I passed a couple of guys as well.  I wasn't thinking about place, just time.  My fourth K was 4:47 (about 7:30 mile pace) which lost any chance of breaking 18:15.  I didn't ease up and focused on Kevin who wasn't too far ahead.  The downhill finish got me moving again but the final K of 3:31 brought me across the line in 18:22.

No complaints, I was pretty wiped at the finish with hands on knees for a solid minute.  Ernie's sub 18 is something else!  I hope to go back next year and take another shot at it.  I got in a nice warm-down of the course (backwards this time) with KT and JJ.  We stuck around for the awards that are always done efficeiently.  I picked up a big jug of maple syrup for topping my age group.

On the way back South I couldn't resist a trip to Oak Hill (my favoriete fire tower) by then it was snowing pretty steadily.  With Kahtoola's the trail was not bad.  It was firmly packed and only rutted in a few spots.  I as pretty beat up but enjoyed the slow (21 minutes up) jog to the tower.  It was absolutely calm from the viewing platform but there was no view due to the snow.  I didn't linger long befre and easy descent (18 minutes).

I finished the day with a trip to urgent care to get my jaw looked at.  It was killing me for more than 24 hours and I was worried about flying.  It turned out I'd dislocated it but got it back in so although it was/is quite painful there was nothing more that needed to be done.

Off to Florida!

    1   1/3    MOPEN   17:12   5:33 Warren Bartlett        19 M   170 Loudon NH               
    2   2/3    MOPEN   17:22   5:36 Jim Johnson            39 M   185 Madison NH              
    3   3/3    MOPEN   17:29   5:38 Chris Mahoney          39 M   243                         
    4   1/18   M0114   17:42*  5:42 Aidan Cox              11 M   270 Northwood NH            
    5   1/17   M4049   18:00   5:48 Matt Sawyer            43 M   248 Eliot ME                
    6   1/18   M2029   18:02   5:49 Sean McCauley          25 M    29 Canterbury NH           
    7   1/13   M3039   18:07   5:50 Kevin Tilton           35 M   244 Conway NH               
    8   1/23   M5059   18:22   5:55 Dave Dunham            52 M   281 Bradford MA             
    9   2/13   M3039   18:26   5:56 Richie Spitsberg       31 M   230 Manchester NH           
   10   2/18   M0114   18:48   6:03 Luke Tkaczyk           13 M   239           

    1     8   18:22  Dave Dunham               52 M     281 Bradford MA             
    2    13   19:08  Mark Hecox                52 M     249 Salem NH                
    3    17   19:43  Darin Brown               50 M     181 Madison NH              
    4    38   22:35  Chris Carson              51 M     246 Billerica MA            
    5    66   24:56  Michael Clark             59 M      23 Bow NH                  
    6    75   25:45  Timothy Chrysostom        50 M     203 Canterbury NH           
    7    77   25:49  Mike Lacasse              59 M     225                         
    8    81   26:10  William McCann            54 M     276 Bow NH                  
    9    87   26:42  Stuart Siegler            56 M     103 Alton Bay NH            
   10    97   28:01  Richard Berube            53 M      41 Bow NH                               

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