Wednesday, May 10, 2017

All-Time Pack Monadnock results

Despite the change to a date nearly a month earlier than “normal”, the Pack Monadnock 10 mile mountain race attracted 185 runners.  A very high percent (75%) of the field were USATF members.  Fifty degree temperatures and an off/on headwind met runners as they covered the 10 miles and 2,000’ of climb from Wilton to the summit of Pack.
Brandon Newbould and Christin Doneski (both of the Whirlaway racing team) were overall champions in 1:04:16 and 1:17:40 respectively.
Some fast times:
Twin sisters Madeline and Hannah Rieders (Wellesley, MA) finished within one second with Hannah getting the victory in the under 20 age group.  Both were nearly 2 minutes under the old AGR (1:22:32 Madeline Rieders 2016).  They placed fourth and fifth overall in the women’s field (73 finishers) running 1:20:31 and 1:20:32.
Christin Doneski (WRT) and Regina Loiacano (CMS) had a very close race with Doneski missing her own 40-49 AGR by one second (1:17:40).  Loiacana finished 14 seconds later running the fourth fastest ever for the 40-49 age group.
Jacqueline Shakar (CSU) topped the 50-59 AG with a seventh place finish in the women’s field.  Her time (1:28:08) is the fourth fastest ever run in the 50-59, she owns three of the top four times (including the CR of 1:26:14 from 2012).
Mary Sharkey (CMS) topped the 60+ AG running 1:49:10 which ranks 6th all-time.
Ed Sheldon (CMS) finished in 5th place overall as he topped the 50-59 age group.  His 1:08:41 was the 2nd fastest ever run in the 50-59 trailing only Erik Vandendries AGR of 1:08:06 from 2015.  Dave Dunham (CMS-1:10:29) and Erik Vandendries (CMS-1:10:37) ran the 6th and 7th fastest all-time in the 50-59 AGR as CMS swept the top 3 spots in the age group.

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