Thursday, July 6, 2017

26 Weeks

Kept it pretty steady so far this year.  26 weeks at 80 per week (well one mistaken 81):


FP said...

Always amazed and impressed how you hit this consistently and still run the number of races you do.

How did you settle on 80 as the self-imposed "max"? Trial and error (injury?).


double-d Mountain runner said...

Thanks. I sat down with my podiatrist and my physical therapist and we came up with a plan. I figured I could live with 50 miles per week, so I suggested 80 (figuring they'd talk me down). They agreed! Over 18 months now capped at 80 and I'm still able to run. The ankles still hurt from time to time but so far it has been manageable.

FP said...

Thanks. Interesting to me that 80 x 52 = 4,160 - and you've only managed higher mileage than that in 2 of the last 15 years (presumably because of injuries). Keep on truckin'!

double-d Mountain runner said...

Yes, injuries have put a dent in the 4,000 mile years!