Wednesday, June 13, 2018

A look back - Dipsea 06/13/93

06-13-1993  On a warm 80 degree day I raced from Mill Valley CA to Stinson beach over the famous Dipsea trail.  This unique race features an “open” course meaning you choose your own route from the start line to the finish.  There are some restrictions and the ‘consensus’ course is also marked for those not familiar with the shortcuts.  The race also has an interesting system of handicaps.  Runners are sent off at various times based on age and gender.  I would start in the Scratch group, the last to go.  With 750 people on the trail ahead of us there would be a lot of passing to be done.  I had a plan going into the race.  I would stick with Mike McManus the pre-race favorite and numerous time winner of the fastest time award.  Off we went and when we hit the Dipsea steps (100 steps heading up the hillside) I was tucked in behind McManus.  This was the place to be as the runners in front of us knew the local boy was coming and would yell out for people to move aside.  I rode along in Mike’s wake as we navigated through the crowd.  After the steps things thinned out quite a bit and Mike and I began a back and forth battle.  I seemed to do better on the climbs and he did better on the descents.  The footing was mostly very good.  I had checked out a couple of the trickier shortcuts in advance but it was nice to hang with someone who knew what he was doing.  The last ¾ mile was all on road and I put in a finishing kick passing Mike with ½ mile to go and taking the top time prize in 47:22.

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