Saturday, January 12, 2019

Looking back - January 1999

20 Years ago – January 1999

I raced five times during this month while logging 447 miles (an average of 14.4 miles per day) despite having issues with my calf and Achilles.  On New Years day I took 2nd place at the Freezer Five.  It was windy and cold on the out/back course which runs near the Sterling airport.  I decided to push on the way out into the wind and Richard Bolt hung right behind me.  He threw in a 4:50 mile from 3 to 4 miles that just buried me.  Rich went on to win by nine seconds, 25:25 to 25:34.  The next day Byrne Decker, Steve Peterson and I headed to Tewksbury for the Fudgesicle race.  Byrne took the win in 16:44 with me one second back and Petey another 16 seconds behind.  The following weekend I went to BU for the indoor track series.  I doubled up in the 3,000 meters and the mile.  Colin Peddie and I traded the lead off every 400 meters during the 3k and he took off in the last 400.  I kept it close losing by less than a second in 8:36.  An hour or so later I finished 5th in the mile in 4:31, with Peddie taking a second win of the day running 4:22.  Two weeks later I ran my final race of the month, the Boston Prep 16 mile in Derry NH.  Conditions were very good with moderate temperatures and a little drizzle and fog.  Dave Beauley and I ran lock stepped for the first 12 miles before I pulled away for a win in a then course record of 1:26:52.  Beauley ran a 1:27 and my teammates Dan Verrington (1:31) and Steve Peterson (1:36) both had solid races.

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