Saturday, July 24, 2021

Looking back - July 1991


July 1991 (30 years ago): I ran five races, four on the road and one on the toughest trail I've ever run. I started the month winning the July 4th 5.2 mile race in Stoughton (24:47). The following week I took first in the 5m Carson Memorial race (running 23:49). I kept the winning streak alive with a 25:22 first place at the East End Club in Lowell, a gritty old-school race. I won $50, taking the lead from Jim Quadros after the 3 mile mark and was definitely feeling tired from the Carson race on the previous day. The following weekend I took first in a slow time (25:14) at the Sapienza 5m. I think everyone had a slow time on this 100 degree day. I closed out the month with a sixth place finish at the Escarpment trail 30k. This was (and remains) the roughest trail race I've ever done. I never felt like I could run a full stride, it was so rough and either climbing up a mountain or descending one. Petey asked me at about halfway if I minded if he went ahead. I wished him luck and off he went. About 5km later I went by him on a climb (he was walking and I wasn't going much faster). I was glad to just survive this one and swore I'd never go back ... so far I've been true to my word. Rich Fargo won the race in 2:47:51, I ran 3:02:54, and Petey ran 3:14:31.

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