Monday, March 1, 2021

Week ending 02/28/21

Closed out this miserable month with a little bit of running.  Some very slow improvement in the oblique.


Week – 32

Month  - 220

Year – 602

Life – 149,548


M – 430 am bike 1:00 23.4 miles

       1130am Industrial park 5 in 853s

       3pm bike 1:00 23.8 miles


T – 430am bike 1:00 23.1 miles

      Noon Ferry road 3m in 905s

      330pm post PT bike :30 11.6 miles


W – 430am bike 1:00 23.3 miles

        9am pre-dentist ride 1:00 23.8 miles

        130pm Methuen rail trail out/back 4m in 851s

        330pm bike :30 11.7 miles


Th – 430am bike 1:00 23.5 miles

         9am bike :30 12.0 miles

        1130am Ind Pk 4m in 835s

        2pm bike :30 12.0 miles


F – 440am Methuen rail trail out/back 5m in 918s

      9am bike :30 12.1 miles

      11:15am bike 1:00 23.9 miles

      2pm bike :30 11.9 miles


S – 630am bike 1:30 36.9 miles

      930am Turtletown loops 4m in 953s

      2pm bike :30 11.8 miles


S – 630am bike 1:30 36.6 miles

      915am GSRT group run 7m in 954s

      Noon bike :30 12.0 miles

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

I love streaking!

 I was a bit surprised to find that my 407 day streak (running every day, minimum of 3 miles for a run to count) was actually one of my longest streaks.  It seems rare indeed that I run more than 100 days in a row, only 31 times.  Streaks don't really mean that much to me, I just can't think of a good reason (EVER) for taking a day off.

Monday, February 22, 2021

Week Ending 02-21-21

 Not a good week.  Ran a little at the start and knew my hip was f----d.  Got it checked.  Strained oblique, hip flexor, ilio psoas. 

Week - 17

Month - 188

Year - 570

Life - 149,516

I did do a lot of biking (348.99 miles) on the spin bike in the basement...but it just isn't the same as running.

M- 7am Cranberry bog 7 with D-la in 850s

Sat - 930am nice 4 mile run to clear my head 952s

Sun - 930am GSRT group run, 6m in 950s

Friday, February 19, 2021

Looking back: Feb 2016

 Five years ago – I only raced twice during February of 2016.  No complaints on either result. On 02/14/16 I raced teammate Jim Pawlicki at the Brooksby Snowshoe Classic.  I had originally entered in another race that was cancelled because it was too cold!  In all 38 of us took off but I’d only see Jim.  I led early and after the mile Jim made a move and dropped me.  I got back to him after 3 miles on a climb and we went back and forth until 100 meters to go when Jim found another gear and beat me by 4 seconds.  At minus 2 degrees at race start this was (at the time) the fourth coldest temperature I’d ever raced in.

1 James Pawlicki            M41      21:21

2 Dave Dunham             M51      21:25

3 Jeffery Hixon              M41      24:05

4 Brett Rickenbach         M40      25:15


A week later (02/21/16) I retreated to the indoor track.  I was entered in the USATF NE indoor track championships and my hope was that the entire field wouldn’t lap me over the 5,000 meters.  I had run 17:26 a few weeks before and was hoping to improve on that.  Sixteen runners were entered and 14 were out of sight in the first 200 meter lap.  Dan Verrington was the closest but too far ahead for me to latch on.  He was 7 seconds ahead at the mile and could no longer see Dan.  He came back a bit in the last mile but still buried me.

1          Adam Pacheck   GBTC    14:47

2          Matt Hillard       Battle    14:51

3          Nate Jenkins      CMS      14:55

12         Dan Verrington  CMS      16:59

13         Dave Dunham    CMS      17:06


Thursday, February 18, 2021

Looking back: Feb 2011

10 years ago – I ran seven races during February of 2011. All of them were snowshoe races!  I got trounced at all of them! Winterfest 5k snowshoe race – Saratoga NY (02/06/11).
1          24:07 Tim Van Orden M42 CMS-40+
2          24:32 Dave Dunham M46 CMS-40+
3          24:37 Tim Mahoney M31 CMS
4          24:47 Connor Devine M17
5          24:48 Matt Westerlund M38
Horse hill 7km snowshoe race – Merrimack NH (02/12/11)
1 30:47 Jim Johnson      CMS POLAR BEARS        33 M
2 32:16 Ryan Kelly        ACIDOTIC RACING        29 M
3 32:45 Judson Cake     ACIDOTIC RACING        33 M
4 33:36 Tim Cox            ACIDOTIC RACING        37 M
5 34:13 Dave Dunham   CMS POLAR BEARS        46 M
6 34:47 Ryan Welts       ACIDOTIC RACING        30 M
Bear Paw Snowshoe Classic – Northwood NH (02/13/11)
1 25:49 Jim Johnson      CMS POLAR BEARS        33 m
2 27:16 Tim Van Orden  CMS POLAR BEARS        42 m
3 29:02 Dave Dunham   CMS POLAR BEARS        46 M
4 30:37 Ryan Welts       ACIDOTIC RACING        30 m
5 31:28 Chris Dunn        ACIDOTIC RACING        42 M
Kingman Farm night snowshoe race (02/19/11).
1          22:51 Kevin Tilton          CMS
2          22:53 Jim Johnson         CMS
3          25:35 Danny Ferreia      ACIDOTIC
4          25:41 Dave Dunham      CMS 40+
5          25:46 Robert Jackman   TNT *went off course
6          25:49 Ryan Welts          ACIDOTIC
7          25:57 Ryan Kelly           ACIDOTIC *went off course
8          26:07 Geoff Cunningham ACIDOTIC *went off course
Hallockville (02/20/11)
1 22:50 Tim VanOrden   M44      CMS 40+
2 23:36 Tim Mahoney     M31      CMS
3 24:57 Chris Taft          M30      RUNREG
4 25:02 John Pajer         M48      CMS 40+
5 25:13 Dave Dunham    M46      CMS 40+
Northeast Federation Snowshoe championships (Northfield, MA 02/26/11)
1          45:49    Kevin Tilton                   29         M          CMS/INOV-8
2          45:53    Jim Johnson                   33         M          CMS/INOV-8
3          45:54    Nicholas Wheeler           25         M         
4          47:52    Ryan Kelly                     29         M          Acidotic
5          48:44    Judson Cake                  33         M          Acidotic
6          49:42    Geoff Cunningham         33         M          Acidotic
7          49:53    Ben Nephew                  35         M          CMS/INOV-8
8          49:59    Tim Mahoney                 31         M          CMS
9          50:00    Charles Therriault          25         M          Acidotic
10         50:03    Tim Van Orden              42         M          CMS
11         50:07    Danny Ferreira              28         M          Acidotic
12         50:38    Dave Dunham                46         M          CMS
Moody Springs snowshoe race (Hawley, MA 02/27/11)
1 56:36 Chris Hayhurst  38         Male    
2 56:36 Brian Rusiecki   32         Male    
3 57:12 Jim Johnson      33         Male     CMS
4 57:38 Chris Taft          30         Male     RUNREG
5 58:42 Tim Mahoney    31         Male     CMS
6 59:00 Dave Dunham   46         Male     CMS
7 59:10 Tim VanOrden   44         Male     CMS
8 59:45 Ross Krause      31         Male     RUNREG
9 1:02:41 Amy Lane      33         Female  INOV8
10 1:03:23 Ken Clark     48         Male    

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Racing last weekend

 My hip, glute, calf issues all continued to worsen during the week.  I’d find out later that I had a strained oblique muscle.  That explained the lightning bolt of pain shooting through my hip.  I actually didn’t feel too bad when I arrived at Delta Dental for the Morrill Farm snowshoe race.  I hit the road for part of my warm-up and then switched into snowshoes and went out on the course for another 15 minutes of running around.  I hadn’t run in snowshoes in four years and it was just as tough as I remembered.  Traction was tough in the sugary snow and it would only get worse as the field chewed it up during the two loops of 1.8 miles. About 70 lined up with 50 finishing the two laps and 19 choosing to do one lap.  First time snowshoer’s Steve Brightman and Kevin Crowley shot out with John Carton in between them.  I got around a fast starting Ellen Raffio and was all alone in fourth place by ½ mile into the race.  It felt FAST. 

I was hoping to finish in the top three as that would earn me a fleece blanket.  That hope faded a bit as the top three slowly pulled away.  I felt pretty good on the packed down part of the course along the railroad tracks.  Despite essentially being a loop around the farmers field it was a scenic course, you could even see the gold capped capital dome in the distance (if you lifted your head up to look, but I was keeping a keen eye on stepping in the tracks in front of me).  We hit the end of the first lap with not change Brightman 13:48, Carton 13:50, Crowley 14:13, me 14:35, and Jim Boule 15:15.  My hip and calf started to hurt on the second loop and every slip and slide made it worse.  For a short time I thought I might have a shot at third but Kevin ultimately finished 35 seconds ahead.  I got fourth place overall which was only good enough for third in the 50+ age group!  In all 11 of the top 15 were 50 or older.


The next day I was off to Hopkinton NH for the second race in the Hopkinton 5k series.  I was tired and sore from the day before but had signed up for the series and wanted to do all of the races.  I showed up early and checked that the turn was marked (it wasn’t in week #1) and then went out for my warm-up.  I was a bit surprised that I felt pretty good.  My calf was tight, but my hip did not feel bad.  I was hoping I could run between 6-6:20 pace and as I switched into racing flats I saw that Mark Laprade was warming up.  Mark usually beats me but he has been having issues with dizziness when running hard and I’d gotten him that last couple of races.  The top couple of guys from the first race were back with Jim Angell (my CAR series teammate) and Eli Lemire (only 14 years old) ready to give me a race.  I did another mile and tried to up the pace a little and felt dead on my feet.  Not much to do except line up and give it my best shot.  I figured I’d go out carefully (the first 100 meters was snow covered) and then hopefully up the tempo.  I told Mark that I hoped to run with him after he caught me (we’d start at 5 second intervals and I was seeded first).  He kind of laughed and off I went.  I was a bit shocked when Mark went by me at about 1 minute into the race.  My hip was killing me and it felt like a shot of electricity pulsing through my side.  Jim and Eli both caught me around ½ mile in.  That was not how I’d planned things to play out!  I was having trouble breathing deeply with the pain in my side but tried not to lose contact.  At the mile Mark was out in front by at least 5 seconds and Eli/Jim were a few seconds ahead of me, I was a very slow 6:28 at the mile.  My side pain went from terrible to annoying and I closed some ground on the uphills to the turn around.  We were all VERY careful as the 200 meters before and after the turn were on a dirt road which was now a combination of snow/ice.  All four of us were together as we got back onto dry road and it was ‘game on’.  I knew I was giving up 15 seconds to the kid and 10 to Jim, so any chance of a win was probably out of my reach.  That didn’t stop me from pushing the pace and Mark fell off as I fronted our group through 2 miles (a 6:20 mile with 20’ of climb and the lousy footing part, needless to say I was happier with this mile).  Eli drew even with me and put in a surge of his own.  Jim and I matched the move until 2.5 miles when Jim then dispatched both of us.  I had a decent last mile (6:00) but they just eased away.  Jim crossed the line first but none of us were sure who won since Eli had started five seconds after Jim.  The official results had Jim winning by 1.1 seconds.  Pretty exciting finish.  I crossed the line with a time 25 seconds back and Mark pulled in 17 seconds behind me.  Dave Audet (who also ran the snowshoe race the day before) took 5th overall and in another tough 50+ field was 3rd in the age group.

It looks like my plans to complete the series are out the window with the oblique strain.

Looking back: Feb 2006

 15 Years ago – I was coming off of a 1.5 degree calf strain during February of 2006.  I ended up missing 6 days and slowly eased back into running and racing.  I ran the Frosty’s Dash 5k snowshoe race (02/12/06) running easy on the uphills and quicker on the flats and downs.  I managed a 6th place finish in a field of 49 with the race being held during a blizzard that would end up dropping over 18 inches of snow.  The following weekend (02/18/06) I was feeling a lot better and tested myself at the Fudgesicle 5k series.  I ended up taking second place running 17:52 to Dan Verrington’s winning (and impressive) 16:45.  I finished the month (02/25/06) back at the Fudgesicle and Dan chose to run with me for the first half-mile before taking off for the win (17:14) and I again took 2nd place this time in 17:49.

Monday, February 15, 2021

Week Ending 02/14/21

 Tough week, my hip, glute, calf all giving me an awful time.  Getting PT but probably need to get a diagnosis.

Week - 83

Month - 171

Year - 553

Life - 149,499

M - 530am Ferry road 5 in the snow in 907s

       1130am Industrial park 5 in 815s

T - 430am Ferry road 5 in 827s

      1115am Industrial park 6 in 738s

W - 445am Ferry road 5m in 906s (snow)

        1130am Hyatt loop 6 in 724s

        315pm Methuen rail trail (icy) 3 in 831s

Th - 430am Ferry road 5m in 823s

         1130am Kingsbury 6m in 730s

F - 430am Ferry road 5m in 757s

      1130am Industrial park 6 in 722s

Sat - NH snowshoe series race #2, 2.6 on roads, then 1.7 in snowshoes, then 3.6 snowshoe race and .2 back to the car

11am nice relaxing 4m in 945s

Sun - Hopkinton 5k series race #2, 3.1 warm-up, 1m in flats, 5k race

        10am 7m with GSRT group in 958s

Sunday, February 14, 2021

Looking back: Feb 2001

20 Years ago - February of 2001 was a busy month for me with 6 races. I ended up with five wins and a second place. The first weekend was a killer double, which was part of another Hockomock Swamp Rat series. I ran the Lynn Stew Chase on Saturday (02/03/01) taking second place (losing by one second on a kick) in 48:09. The next day (02/04/01) I dragged my tired and sore body up to Cape Elizabeth for another shot at the Mid-winter classic. This time I got a surprise win in 53:51 with Bob Winn shadowing me much of the way before taking second in 54:41. I was sick as a dog after the race. The effort definitely took a big toll. The following weekend I doubled again, this time two snowshoe races. On Saturday (02/10/01) I went up to Plattsburgh NY and raced in the first US Snowshoe championships. I took the win by just over 3:30 over Ben Nephew. The following day (02/11/01) I directed and raced over 5km of groomed ski trails at Windblown Ski area taking the win in 21:47. A week later (02/17/01) I took a victory at the Hawley Kiln race in very slow conditions covering the 7m course in 1:01:21 and noting that I “bonked really bad in the last mile”. The final race of the month (02/25/01) was another HSR series race, this time back in Amherst for the DH Jones 10m. The footing was awful with snow, ice and rain during the race. I managed a win in a “very slow” 55:04.

Saturday, February 13, 2021

Looking back: Feb 1996

25 Years ago - I only ran three races in February of 1996 but I made the best of it with two wins and a second place. I got buried at the Cape Elizabeth Mid-Winter Classic 10 mile as Rob Pierce ran a course record 51:10. I was happy with my race noting “I was alone from 2m on and it was exactly zero degrees out there”. I ran 51:56 and teammate Byrne Decker took third in 53:20. The following weekend I ran the Bradford Valentines race and set the still standing course record of 24:31. Dan Verrington and UMass Lowell coach (and then CMS teammate) Gary Gardner were with me through 2.5 when I broke away for the win. Gary and Dan took second and third in 25:00 and 25:10 respectively. My final race of the month was the Dartmouth Invitational indoor track meet. Craig Fram and I heard that a bunch of fast guys would be there trying to qualify for Nationals. It turned out we were the only two people entered in the 5,000. We decided to alternate 800m each until 2 miles then it was ‘anybody’s race’. I took the lead at 2 and beat Craig running a 14:52. Definitely an unusual race.

Friday, February 12, 2021

Looking back: Feb 1991

 30 Years ago - I raced five times in February of 1991, all road races. I started the month off with a tie at the Lynn Stew Chase. Lou Ristano and I broke away from the field and took turns leading into the wind. We decided to cross together, I believe I was awarded the win in 48:31. A week later I set (the still standing) course record at the Tewksbury Fudgsicle series. I broke Buddy Bostick’s record of 15:31 with a 14:57 on a perfect 40 degree day. The following week I was back in Tewksbury getting a win in 17:10 (taking it easy because I was racing the next day) on a cold 10 degree day. The next day I got a hard fought win at the Paddy Kelly 5m which (in addition to the Lynn race) was part of the first Hockomock Swamp Rat series. I took the win in 24:29 with Frank Ritchie and Mike Woodman close behind in 24:44 and 25:01. The final race of the month was a (then) Greater Lowell Road Runners staple, the Two-some relay. I teamed up with Petey to take first running the 3.6 mile leg in 18:11 (Petey ran 19:05) our total time was 37:16.  We held off Art Demers and Mike Woodman who finished second in 38:21.