Monday, December 9, 2019

Week Ending 12/8/19

My biggest week of biking ever, plus a little bit of hiking.

M – up at 2:30am to shovel (10-12”)
       345am bike 2:00 = 46.5 miles (work canceled)
       11am bike 2:00 = 47.3 miles

T – up at 2:30am shovel (4”)
      330am bike 2:00 = 46.7 miles (work delayed opening)
      7am bike 1:00 = 24.5 miles
      8am shovel again
      Noon 45 minutes recumbent bike = 12.45 miles

W – 330am bike 1:30 = 35.3 miles
        1130am recumbent bike 1:00 = 16.7 miles
        345 pm bike 1:00 = 23.8 miles

Th – 330am bike 1:30 = 35.3 miles
        Noon hike Ward Reservation 2.57 miles in 53:21
       330pm bike 1:00 = 24.0 miles

F – 330am bike 1:30 = 35.2 miles
      1pm Hike 2.29 miles at Weir Hill
      3pm bike 1:30 = 35.2 miles

Sat - 7am bike 75 miles in 3:02:58
         1130am hike .52 at Old Manse
         200pm Appleton farms hike 1.71

Sun - 730am bike 75 miles in 3:03:32
          Noon outdoor bike 20 miles in 1:53

Sunday, December 8, 2019

Appleton Farms

I'm sure I've run here in the winter but never hiked.  Nice groomed trails and plenty of people out and about on a sunny day.

Saturday, December 7, 2019

Short hike at the Old North Bridge & the Old Manse

I wanted to check out the inside of the Old Manse (and the bookstore therein).  I did a short hike around the grounds then took the tour of the house.  Interesting AND I picked up a couple of books.

Snowshoe hike at Weir hill

On Friday I got out of work a couple of hours early and used the time to hike at Weir hill.  The first mile of the loop I did was firmly packed.  The trail I chose to the summit was unused so I was a bit slower as I made my way up to the top.  Once I got to the airplane beacon the going was packed again.  It started to snow as I completed the hike so there was no view from the top.

Friday, December 6, 2019

Snowy hike - Ward Reservation

On Thursday I headed to Ward Reservation during my lunch for a beautiful hike.  It was over 40 degrees and the snow was a bit soft in the open, in the woods it was pretty good going.

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Bonkers ride

I haven't had much time with my running (and only) friends since I've been hurt.  Jim Pawlicki has been nursing a bum knee and doing some biking.  It timed out well for both of us and we met up this weekend.  It was nice to get for a ride and catch up on things.  After meeting up at Bonkers, we did a nice mix of rail trail, roads, and trails around Peabody, Beverly, and Danvers.  Except for the 19 degree temps it was a lot of fun.