Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Stress Fracture

Just got word on the MRI, positive for a stress fracture. Dr. said 8 weeks off, which I'm hoping is high. I can't do 8 weeks (I can barely do 8 days). Biking after 4 weeks and other alternative after 5 weeks.

I'm off to Switzerland to manage the junior US team at the Mountain running world championships.

I plan on blogging from Europe.


Buzz said...

Injuries SUCK. Real sorry.

Jim Johnson said...

Do they have the internet over there?

Seriously though... have fun over there buddy... You'll be back in time for MCR's 10 mile leg!!!

Petey said...


Injuries do suck! Keep on keepin' on. Eat lots of cheese and bread and perhaps it'll help the healing process somehow. Best of luck to the Juniors!

s p running said...

Take care. I'm sorry to hear about the extent of the injury.

I'm trying blogging too. Photo illustrates "horns"

Rich M said...


Injuries are a drag. I've been out for over two months with an Achilles injury and it lokks to be another month or so. Fortunately, I've passed the time with home construction and yard work but it still stinks. Hang in there. It won't be much longer.

Rich M