Sunday, October 12, 2008

Final day in Paradise

Today is our final full day in Hawaii. I'm going to try and enjoy the warm water. I can't help but worry about how cold my running will be in the waters of Stiles Pond. I started biking and I'm a bit sore from that. Mostly from not having proper padded biking shorts. I've been walking 30 minutes a day and biking 30, along with the 1:30 in the pool. Yesterday we spent some time at a nice beach. The rest of the gang snorkeled, but I just swam a little and hung out in the sun. We closed out the day with a surprise renewing of our vows. I'd set it up well in advance and it was difficult keeping Cath in the dark about it. She was surprised but realized something was up when we got to the beach. The ceremony was nice and then we caught sunset at a nice restaraunt. As a bonus we followed the Sox game on John's iphone.


GZ said...

Dave - amazed with your dedication WITH an injury and WHILE in Hawaii. By the way I work with Ken Pliska and he says hello

ddmtnman said...

Say Hi back to Ken for me. What do you guys do?

GZ said...

We work for a big corporate software company. What is your timeline to get back to regular (non water) training?