Monday, November 24, 2008

Tupelo Hall - Enter the Haggis

Saw a great show by Enter the Haggis at Tupelo Hall last night. They play a mix of celtic rock and who knows what else. One of the high points of the show was the drummer playing guitar with his drumsticks.

This is a decent example of their music. Fun time and still got home to bed before 11. Fortunately I had a planned day off from work today! I got in 8 miles on the Ghost train rail trail prior to my follow-up Doctors appointment this morning. The Doc was impressed with my restraint in only getting up to 50 miles this week.


Jim Johnson said...

The lead singer looks to be a cross between Robert Patrick (evil Terminator / Agent John Doggett from X Files) and Matthew Perry from friends...

The music reminds me of Satan gargling nails..

day-v done 'em said...

Yes, it does remind one of Satan gargling nails....which is AWESOME.

GZ said...

DD - two questions ...

Where will you see your mileage landing when you are back in full force?

I also noticed the size of your plate post the race the other day and could not but help notice it compared to JJ's. I wonder if that reflects a decision on your part to eat less ... as you get older? I am finding that I am in that transition from JJ diet and not having to worry about it and need to think about every damn bite.

David Quintal said...


Tupelo Hall - isn't that building owned by Scott Norwood, George Davis' nephew? I recall reading an article a while back that he was buying a property in Londonderry and turning it into a music hall. Anyway, the lead singer does look like a blonde Matthew Perry and the music reminds me of Jethro Tull. Or maybe just Ian Anderson. Decent sound for Canadians. The only group from Canada I saw live was the Barenaked Ladies and that was 10 years ago. Don't laugh, it was a free concert at Boston City Hall.
GZ don't worry about DD diet. Knowing him, he probably chased breakfast with a movie size box of Mike and Ikes or a Cadbury Egg.

PS - nice race in Wakefield DD and JJ!!

Jim Johnson said...

I'm just still waiting for DQ's blog to get off the ground....

David Quintal said...


I'm not violating blog etiquette am I? Is it a prerequisite to have a blog before you can comment on a blog? Maybe blog will appear soon we'll see.


Jim Johnson said...

No violation occurring here... just still waiting for a blog out of North Salem... need to know what is going on over there!

Derrick said...

Hey David Q,

" Decent sound for Canadians" (???)

Don't dish the Canadians, and please, please don't judge us by the Bare Naked Ladies!!!

I haven't heard Enter the Haggis before, but was impressed with their sound. Very similar to another Canadian band called MacKeel.

There used to be a large number of good Canadian Celtic Rock bands, but harder to find these days.

Jim Johnson said...

Top 5 Canadian Bands/Performers:

1) Gordon Lightfoot
2) Rush
3) Skinny Puppy
4) The Guess Who
5) Front Line Assembly

Enough said...

Take off you hoser!

GZ said...

Dude - Triumph.

Also consider BTO, Crash Test Dummies, April Wine, Cowboy Junkies, and Bryan Adams (not my cup of tea but the guy sold some records)

And Neil Young. Seriously.

David Quintal said...

....Men Without Hats and Sarh McLaughlin.
My apologies to our neighbors to the north.
How the Mackenzie Brothers doing?

Jim Johnson said...

Men w/o Hats only if you are talking about the extended mix of the Safety Dance... The radio edit was junk. Also, Pop Goes the World can smoke it.

Bryan Adams rules. It doesn't get much better than One Night Love Affair....

Derrick said...

Glad to see Bob and Doug are alive and well!

Quick Trivia:
What Canadian band recorded with the MacKenzie Bros?

Ok, time for a Canadian music lesson.

For Canadian mainstream music:
- Great Big Sea
- 54-40
- Spirit of the West
- Tragically Hip
- Blue Rodeo

Now, for the really good Canadian non-commercial stuff, you need to listen to...
- The Mahones (Celtic punk. Pogues sound)
- Headstones (punk)
- DOA (Hardcore punk...sort of a Dead Kennedy's sound)
- The Paperboys (celtic, folk, bluegrass, worldbeat all fused together)
- Forgotten Rebels (Canada's answer to the Sex Pistols)
- Teenage Head (a little more pop punk with a rockabilly sound)

day-v done 'em said...

I think Rush did the theme song for the B&D movie (Strange Brew) which I have on DVD. Classic.

I could talk about music all day. I spend my whole day at work listening to tunes. I'm really digging the new Offspring disc which is one of their best, and seems to be influenced by Green Day's American idiot.

As far as eating goes, I'm never very hungry after a race and sitting down to a meal is not very appealing to me. Jim sure can pack it in when he wants. I settled for a plate of home fries and my stomach was not happy with me for most of the day.

List of Canadian Celtic rock =

David Quintal said...

...just wanted to add to the list of fine musicians from Canada and mention singer/songwriter Bruce Cockburn (pronounced Coburn). If you haven't heard of him or any of his material, then I recommend it.

Derrick said...

Rush did perform on a Bob and Doug album. To be honest, I'm not sure about the movie soundtrack though.

Everything I've heard from the new Offspring album is great. My son is into them, so hoping to borrow his iPod to hear all of it.

Great list of Canadian Celtic. Some I didn't think were actually Canadian. Real MacKenzies I thought were American West coast for some reason.

Another great band was Jimmy George. Saw them a number of times and just fantastic energy. Too bad they're not still together, although I heard they did a few reunion shows.

Yes Bruce Cockburn should not be left out. Along those same lines, the Tom Cochrane accoustic album is exceptional.

Kevin said...

Thanks for the video. They're coming to the Stone Mountain Arts Center in April. We might have to check them out.

On a side note, DD probably ate a cheddar cheese bagle and a large coffee from Dunkin Donuts before the race.