Saturday, December 20, 2008

BU Mini meet

A few of the CMS team ran this morning at the BU Mini meet. It was a good chance to get indoors on a lousy day. I seeded myself at 10 flat with nothing to really give me any idea of what shape I was in. I ended up running completely alone and hit 10:01.

Mixed 3000 Meter Run ================================================================ Section 1
1 vassallo, dan Unattached 8:30.60
2 revvell, liam Unattached 8:38.20
3 clark, matt CMS 8:44.40
4 life, james Unattached 8:46.30
5 mccarron, andy CMS 8:50.10
11 tilton, kevin CMS 9:07.80

Section 2
1 mahoney, chris Unattached 9:11.40
8 pawlicki, james CMS 9:39.80
16 dunham, dave CMS 10:01.10

Mixed 1 Mile Run
Section 1 1 jenkins, nate Unattached 4:15.20

Section 2
2 vance, james Unattached 4:34.70
3 whitney, darrly Unattached 4:35.70
4 taylor, alexander Unattached 4:36.10
5 tilton, kevin Unattached 4:38.70

Here is a video I shot of Kevin Tilton running the mile


GZ said...

Dave - nice job. I think this is showing progress since your 5K a few weeks ago.

day-v done 'em said...


Yeah, nothing like another week under my belt to get progress. I'm only 30 seconds behind last year, which although it sounds like a lot, is decent considering the time I was inactive.