Sunday, December 21, 2008

2009 WMAC Hall of Fame

Picture of Ken Clark, Ed A, Paul B (?), and ?
I was surprised when I read in the Snoshu-news (the Newsletter of the Western Mass Athletic club's snowshoe group) that I made it into the Snowshoe Hall of Fame. To qualify one must amass at least 1,000 points in WMAC snowshoe races and must have passed 10 years since the first appearance in a WMAC snowshoe race. It was kind of shocking to find that I've passed 10 years since the day I showed up at the Hawley kiln 7 mile snowshoe race (with no clue what I was doing). I'm really excited about starting my 11th season of snowshoe racing.

In all I've done 49 WMAC SS races (60 counting non-WMAC races) which is the tenth most (four people have 80 or more!). I rank 4th all-time in points amassed and have my eye on Ed Alibozek who is 81 points ahead of me. Hey Ed, "on your left!" :-)

The 2009 season kicks off this weekend at Woodford Vermont (December 28).....

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