Friday, December 12, 2008

Orienteering meet club champs results

Beaver Brook

Beaver Brook is a great location for orienteering meets. There is a great variety of terrain and plenty of those helpful New England stone walls to assist when you aren't too sure of where you are. I remember the early versions of the map were hand drawn color maps that Pete Bundschu created. Here is an example from 1991

You really have to be passionate (or paid well) to make an orienteering map. It involves a ton of field work, not to mention all of the drawing. It also opens you up to criticism for any short-comings of the map. I always assume it was something I did wrong, not something the mapper did. Here is a late 90's version of the map.

I ended up running 1:17 for the 6.6 KM red course which is a bit slow for me. If I can average around 10min./kilometer I'm happy. I was surprised to find out that I was the UNO club champion! Below is the current version of the map.

Red Course results

Dave Dunham M40 1:17:45
Darrell Scott M45 1:55:00
Dave Yee M45 1:59:41
Mark Webb 2:09:21

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