Friday, January 16, 2009

Racing schedule

Here are my planned races for the first half of this year. I hope to get/stay healthy enough to do all of these races. The “goal” races will be the Grand Prix and the Mountain series which leads into Mt Washington and the US championships at Cranmore. I’ll have to work on my descending! The current plan is to take two weeks after Ascutney to hike the Long Trail (271 miles from Mass-Canada, through Vermont).

1/17/2009 Greylock glen 3.5 mile snowshoe, the first of a two race weekend
1/18/2009 Brave the blizzard 4 mile snowshoe, the second race of the weekend
1/24/2009 Hoot toot & whistle 3.1 mile snowshoe, another two race weekend
1/25/2009 Curly's 4 mile snowshoe, a tough second race of the weekend
1/31/2009 Northfield 3.8 mile snowshoe (I'm the race director and won it last year)
2/7/2009 Sidehiller 4 mile snowshoe that is a qualifier for the National champs
2/8/2009 Moody Springs 5 mile snowshoe, another two race weekend
2/14/2009 Valentines 5 mile, a rare road race
2/22/2009 USATF NE 10 miles, I hope to run sub 60
3/8/2009 USSSA 6.2 mile snowshoe National champs in Oregon
3/15/2009 USATF NE 13.1 miles Maybe I'll be in shape by March?
3/28/2009 Gilmanton 3.1 mile, 3-4 km is brutal
4/5/2009 NEOC Orienteering meet
4/11/2009 The River 10 mile trail race
4/19/2009 NEOC O-meet
4/25/2009 NEOC O-meet
4/26/2009 NEOC O-meet
5/9/2009 The Bear 3.1 mile trail race (New race by Petey)
5/16/2009 USATF NE 7.4 miles, New England 12K champs
5/23/2009 Wachusett 4.3 miles, start of the Mountain series
5/31/2009 Pack 10 mile, race #2 of the Mountain series
6/7/2009 USATF NE 3.1 miles. Will it be hot? Yes!
6/13/2009 Northfield 6.4 miles NE trail champs
6/20/2009 Mt Washington - Only one hill
6/27/2009 Coventry 3.1 mile naked XC race
6/28/2009 USATF National Mountain championships
7/5/2009 Loon - Race #5 of the Mountain series
7/11/2009 Ascutney - Race #6 of the Mountain series
25 Years ago (in April) I ran my first 10,000 meters. Here is a proof from the race. I'm on the left and teammate Joe Regan is on the right. Note that even then I had my ankle taped up from some injury.

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