Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Week ending 1/11/09

Well, another week of 70+ miles in the books. I had 74 miles this week which gives me five weeks in a row over 70. I’ve only been running for 11 weeks since the stress fracture and I’m just starting to feel like I’m turning the corner and getting into shape. With only six weeks until the Grand Prix 10 mile I better be getting in shape. 79 days and counting since my last day off.

I was supposed to miss a day this week, but I never got the cortisone shot in my ankle. My second pair of orthotics turned out to have a crack in them. Dr. F. didn’t want to give me the injection then have me in broken orthotics, so it will be at least two weeks until we revisit the possible shot. I’m still going to PT at least two times a week which means I’m only running with Dan a couple of times a week.

The weekend was busy, check out my Saturday stuff in the post below, with climbing and racing. It is still very early in the snowshoe season (only two races completed so far) but my chances of repeating have diminished as a few guys who are clearly faster than me have mentioned that they will be doing a bunch of Dion WMAC series races. As Double-J would say “you’ll never win with that attitude”. I’ll give it my best and see what happens.

There will be a lot of racing this month! The next three weekends have six snowshoe races and I’m planning on doing at least five of them. I’m also looking into the cost of flights to Oregon for the USSSA national championships. If I can stay healthy until March I plan on going.

The final run of the week was a nice run in the snow with Petey on Sunday. We did just over 80 minutes around Chelmsford just after sunrise. There wasn’t really a sunrise to see as it was still snowing pretty heavily at the time. We were out at the perfect time for those kind of conditions, still early enough that there was no real traffic except for the snowplows.

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I wish I could run 70 miles a week. My arthritis still sucks butt.