Thursday, January 22, 2009

Week ending 1/18/09

Another pretty good week in the books, finished with 74 miles for three straight 70+ weeks in January. I’m averaging just over 10 miles per day so far this year. This week ended with my first two snowshoe race weekend in about a year. I definitely felt it! The first race at Greylock went well. The field was deep with CMS runners and I was happy to take home 5th place, only 51 seconds out of first. Double-J and I snuck in a climb up Brodie mountain after the race before heading off to NY. The second race was tough, I was beat before we even started. I ended up with my highest place this season (4th) but probably my poorest race this year. I was over 3-minutes behind Jim. We bagged Pelham and Belchertown on the way home along with Mt Lincoln (fire tower). All in all a good week.

74 miles
2 races (5th & 4th)

Old pic for this week is from the NCAA D2 XC champs in 1984. I'm struggling in taking 12th place. Old timers might recognize #219 in the background.


David Quintal said...


That would be Steve Spence (Shippensburgh St. PA).
Future Olympian in the marathon. Just a few more ticks of the clock and I finished in 26th place (one half of a second from All America). That race still haunts me to this day.


double-d said...

Didn't mean to stir up any bad memories. I still sometimes think about the D2 qualifiers where I was leading and was sent off course (along with the rest of the top 50).