Tuesday, March 24, 2009

County high points

After last week I've bagged 59 county high points in 13 states. I've also been to the highest point in 9 of those states. Here is the breakdown:
MA - 14
NH - 10
CT - 8
NY - 5
RI - 5
VT - 4
MO - 3
ME, HI, NV, KS - 2
NJ & DE - 1

Although 59 COHP's sounds like a lot, it is actually less than 2% of the 3,142 counties in the US. Here is a chart showing my progress (Green= state completed, Red=failed ascent, Blue=good ascent).

1 comment:

Laurel said...

I started reading your blog to follow the Mass area snowshoe season. I became intrigued by your county high points quest. It sounds like an endeavor that will keep you busy for a long long time and take you to a lot of interesting places along the way. Keep checking them off, and I'll keep coming back to see how you're doing.