Tuesday, March 24, 2009

All time WMAC wins

With my "w" at Catamount last weekend I moved into first place on the all-time WMAC wins list passing Kelli Lusk. List below. Note 5 of the top 8 men (and 3 of the top 6 women) are/were CMS runners.

1 Dave Dunham 19
2 Leigh Schmitt 15
3 Richard Bolt 14 (shown at right)
4 Paul Low 12
5t Josh Merlis 7
5t Ben Nephew 7
7 Ken Clark 4
8t Josh Ferenc 3
8t Kevin Tilton 3

1 Kelli Lusk 18
2 Abby Woods 12

3 Sheryl Wheeler7
4t Beth Herder 6
4t Chelynn Tetrault 6
6t Michelle Tetrault 4
6t Nikki Kimball 4
6t Tracey Van Dyke 4



Congrats Dave on your ascendancy to the SS title throne. Oh heck - I'm falling behind! Must resist the urge to move back to New England....the land of great snowshoe racing and Dunkin Donuts. Here is a list of all time wins (2007 to 2009) of Oregon Snowshoe races:

1. Richard Bolt - 4
2. Kevin Guiberson (he's lucky I didn't do that race) - 1
3. Peter Fain (he's lucky that I suck) - 1


.....oh, and thanks for posting a photo of me at Mt. Washington.....running my slowest time ever! Where's the photo of me running at 1:06?? :-)

double-d said...

I couldn't find any good pictures of snowshoe, so I went with what I had. I don't remember you running 1:06 :-)