Sunday, March 15, 2009

Mass fire towers

One of the many lists I'm working on is the Massachusetts fire towers. I've climbed nearly all of the towers in Western Mass. On Friday I cut out of work after 1/2 day and headed toward Northfield to set the course for the Saturday race. I stopped at Mt Grace in Warwick for a climb. The view was very good and the climb wasn't too bad with a fair amount of snow except on the fire tower road.
View of Mt Monadnock from Mt Grace

I then set a course at Nortfield with a little more than four miles of great nearly spring conditions. There were very few bare spots and only a couple of icy descents. The final stop of the day was Mt Toby. I had gone by the trailhead last year when town-bagging Sunderland but didn't have enough time to climb the mountain. At 3 PM the sun was high and it was about 50 degrees. The trails were a bit tough to follow but I eventually found the telephone trail which climbed steadily to the tower. I was surprised to meet a couple of hikers who had just had a late lunch at the picnic table on top. I quickly climbed the tower took some pics and headed down. So after about 15 miles of running and 3,000' of climb/descent I wiped out walking along the road to my car! D'oh!!
The 7-Sisters course looks "flat" from Mt Toby.

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