Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Snowshoe rankings

It looks like Ben Nephew has wrapped up the WMAC/Dion title. Only a couple of races to go and only a couple of guys who could mathematically catch him (if he doesn't race). Congratulations to rookie snowshoer Jim Johnson who took the New Hampshire series title last week.

Minimum of 4 results
Rank--Last wk---Name---------Weekend Result
1tie--1tie----Jim Johnson------Idle
1tie--1tie----Ben Nephew------Idle
3-----3------Matt Cartier------2nd @ Hawley
4-----5------Dave Dunham------1st @ Hawley
5-----4------Tim VanOrden-----3rd @ Hawley
6-----6------Tim Mahoney------4th @ Hawley
7-----7------Matt Westerlund--Idle
8-----8------Josh Merlis--------Idle
9-----9------Steve Wolfe-------6th @ Hawley
10----10-----Ken Clark-----------9th @ Hawley
11----11-----Paul Bazanchuk-----Idle
12---14-----Brian Northan------7th @ Hawley
13---12-----Abby Woods--------Idle
14---13-----Danny Ferreira-----Idle
15---15-----Jay Kolodzinski-----14th @ Hawley (broken shoe)

Others who would make the list but they have got enough finishes
Justin Fyffe
Josh Ferenc
Kevin Tilton
Corey Watts
Joseph Hayter
Jeremy Drowne
Leigh Schmitt
Andrew McCarthy
Robert Jackman
Andrew Rickert
Dave Quintal
Greg Hammet
Jim Pawlicki
Tim Cox
Ahmed Elasser
Chris Dunn
Brian Rusiecki
Ethan Nedeau


Scotty "PHAT" Graham said...

Good reading Dave, Good luck out in Oregon. Show them westerners what we easterners are made of. Don't just win your age division, win the whole shooting match!!!

Go Get'm!!!

double-d said...

Thanks Scott! Hoping for a top 20 finish but I have no idea. I'll give my all.