Monday, March 30, 2009

Week ending 03-29-09

Final full week of the month and I hit an even 80. The ankle was dicey all week long and I'm thinking that trail racing (and maybe even training) may be out of the question.

Mon - 4 at lunch on treadmill, 6 in the bird sanctuary with Dan

Tues- 6 at lunch on treadmill, 6 in bird sanct

Wed- 6 at lunch on treadmill, 6 in bird sanct

Thurs-6 outside at lunch (fast-638 pace), 6 at Winni with Ken Tripp

Fri-4 in am on treadmill, 6 more before heading to Florida

Sat - 8 in the dark 68 degrees, then 4 at noon 88 degrees!

Sun - Bagged 8 towns and a firetower, 4x3 miles

Picture= Me and Mom at the Pasco County (FL) high point


GZ said...

Dave - glad to see the comeback continuing. Hope to meet you at Mt Washington. Curious as to how high you will push the weekly mileage.

double-d said...

Thanks. It has been a good month despite the ankle. I don't want to push the mileage. I'm keeping it in the upper 70's to low 80's. I'm hoping that the faster tempo will make up for the few miles. Of course if I stay healthy, I'll end up with more mileage in the long run :-)

Mt Washington should be a lot of fun!

DoubleJ said...

Dave, are you almost done w/ your predictions for 09? ;)

David Quintal said...

Double J
Too late - he's probably sleeping.
Nice race yesterday.

double-d said...

I may predict this year, but I will only disclose my picks AFTER the race.