Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Another County done

Plymouth County – Completed

This weekend I finished running in all of the towns in Plymouth County. The last four towns were Lakeville, Marion, Mattapoisett, and Rochester. I finished them off in two runs each of three miles. I started the day with a race in Brockton then after a short (1m) warm-down I headed for the point where Lakeville, Freetown, and Berkley meet. I parked next to a wildlife sanctuary and shuffled up the road to the Berkley line, did a little bushwhack to check out the stone monument beside then retraced my steps. From there I headed up past what must be the upper class neighborhood that resides on Dunham road. Most of the run was in either Lakeville or Freetown with just a few steps in Berkley. I then headed further south to Rochester. I parked at the end of Dexter lane just past the local gun club and headed out for a trail run in the Haskell swamp WMA. Most of the trails were quite nice and well maintained. I went mostly east and south east until I was along the highway then curved to the west to get into Mattapoisett. I had a few moments of hesitation on the way back as the trail junctions looked different when approached from the other direction. Luckily I could hear the guns firing for most of the run and figured any trail that brought me closer to the sound would be a good trail. Total for the day 15 miles

Towns of Bristol county and the first date I ran in each:
Marshfield 09/27/1987 (Pic above is circa 1987)
BROCKTON 02/17/1991
Hingham 03/23/2008
Hull 03/23/2008
Norwell 03/23/2008
Scituate 03/23/2008
Carver 04/19/2008
Duxbury 04/19/2008
Halifax 04/19/2008
Kingston 04/19/2008
Middleborough 04/19/2008
Pembroke 04/19/2008
Plymouth 04/19/2008
Plympton 04/19/2008
Wareham 04/19/2008
Abington 08/02/2008
Bridgewater 08/02/2008
East Bridgewater 08/02/2008
Hanover 08/02/2008
Hanson 08/02/2008
Rockland 08/02/2008
West Bridgewater 08/02/2008
Whitman 08/02/2008
Lakeville 04/05/2009
Marion 04/05/2009
Mattapoisett 04/05/2009
Rochester 04/05/2009


David Quintal said...

great pictures - you obviously did not like to spend much time with your feet on the ground

s p running said...

I was thinking the exact same thing seeing the two recent photos... do you touch the ground?

double-d said...

You should see my recent pics where one foot is doing a 90 degree turn. My form stinks!

mquintal6 said...

Is that Jerry Seinfeld in the lead?

double-d said...

My hair was pretty long and I was single and neat (not that there is anything wrong with that).