Monday, April 20, 2009

Bristol County Mass

Dave Camire, George Davis, Peg Donovan, & dd.

I checked off another county this weekend and with that I only have six towns in Barnstable County and one in Dukes County and I will have met my goal of running in every town/city in Massachusetts.

The morning (4 AM) came too soon on Sunday after a late night (for me) at the Greater Lowell Road runners Hall of Fame dinner. My coach and friend for the last 30 years, George Davis, was inducted into the HOF. I got home by 10 PM which is about as late as I ever stay up, but it was worth it to see George honored.

I got my Dunkin’s and headed south as the sky slowly brightened. I reached Seekonk just as the sun began to rise. I found a nice spot (in the historic Barneyville area) on the Swansea/Rehoboth/Seekonk line for an easy three-mile run. I was a bit surprised by all the activity at the Seekonk Speedway at the early hour. I thought the fans were really into it to be up that early. Upon closer inspection I realized it was actually a flea market and it was hopping at 6 AM. I guess it is never too early to get a good deal on someone else’s junk.

Next up I drove over to Somerset and parked at the Middle school. I was hoping I’d be able to sneak a run in around the Somerset reservoir, but it was fenced off. I settled for a nice hilly run on the roads around the reservoir. It was turning into a fine morning with temps already in the upper 40’s and the sun shining. If it weren’t for the wind it would be downright pleasant.

Next up was a ride to the Westport/Fall River town line. This was a very scenic section of town that overlooked North Watuppa Lake. I parked right at the town line and ran up to the Copicut woods and back. After running I went on a short excursion to find the Fall River fire tower that was located on Copicut hill. The road leading close to the tower was rutted and in really rough shape. This was the roughest drive I’d had east of Route 91. I found what I hoped was the correct trail to the summit. I’ve learned that usually if you follow telephone lines it will lead you to the tower. I was not disappointed to find the tower about ¾ mile from the trailhead. The fence had a big hole and I noted no “No Trespassing” signs so I made a quick trip to the top for some pictures then ran back to the car.

The next stop was Mendall hill and the fire tower (pictured above) located in Acushnet. I couldn’t find a close parking spot and had to park on a side road about ½ mile away from the tower. After checking it out I met up with a reporter from the Globe (and Runners World) who was going to do the final run of the day with me. We talked for a bit then headed out toward Tinkhamtown (Fairhaven). It was a nice four mile round trip where I got to explain my passion for running and the fun that town bagging could be. I think he was impressed with my ability to find the stone town line marker when I wasn’t exactly sure where the town line would be.

Totals for the day:
250 miles driven
7 new towns run in
2 fire towers visited
14 miles run

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