Saturday, April 18, 2009

Gorrilla down Argilla 5km

Raced in Ipswich this morning. Perfect conditions, little wind, overcast and temps about 50 degrees. Warmed-up on the course with Ben Strain and Crystal Anthony. Felt crappy doing strides before the start but felt decent once we got going. Ben, Patrick Rich, and High Schooler Gregory Krathwohl formed a lead pack in the early going. I moved into 4th right around the mile mark (short). Patrick pulled away soon after and Krathwohl was in no-man's land between the lead and third. Ben slowed a bit from 1.5 - 2 miles then found another gear but not quite enough to get third. I felt good at the mile but struggled a bit after 2. The final mile had about a dozen turns and a sharp downhill that wasn't all that condusive to fast times. I kicked as hard as I could but never felt really "on" today. Happy to have run the same time I ran on the track last week, but would have liked to get under 16:30. Maybe next week....
Pic from 2007 of Ben Strain closing on the Gorrilla

506 (short)

Chase the Gorilla Down Argilla
Saturday, April 18, 2009 9:00 AM
===== === ===================

1 15:44 Patrick Rich 32 M
2 16:03 Gregory Krathwohl 17 M
3 16:12 Ben Strain 30 M
4 16:36 Dave Dunham 45 M
5 16:59 David Long 35 M
6 18:14 Crystal Anthony 28 F
7 18:20 Carl Clarizia 35 M
8 18:43 James Deluca 22 M
9 18:45 Nan Gorton Demaso35 F
10 18:48 Miles Henderson 26 M


David Quintal said...

Nice race, David. Consistency is a good sign.
Are you running tomorrow at Bradley Palmer? You have 45 minutes to respond.

DoubleJ said...

Lays...I agree... Consistency is good. It will also be very nice to see DD under 16 this summer... You too! I just hope I can join the 15-something crew this year at SOME POINT...

( the way...just kidding about the 'Lays' thing ;) )

David Quintal said...


No problem, dude.
As soon as you recover from Monday's race, you are joining us on the track!


double-d said...

I'm staying on road to keep my ankle (which still stinks) from getting worse. Ran down around New Bedford this morn. Finished all the towns in Bristol county.

Trail Pixie said...

Who got to run in the outfit!? That looks like fun. I always wanted to do this Gorilla run! Nice finish!

DD, I just ordered the AS1 Active Ankle for some preventative long D training protection.
Be well.

mquintal6 said...

That's one of the classic pictures of all time.

Nice run Dave.