Thursday, April 16, 2009

Track workout

Phillips Academy track – 04/15/09

Dan bagged the workout due to a bruised bone in his foot. Joe wore racing flats for the first time this season (in a workout). I was faster than the last workout by nearly 1 second per 400. Keeping the workouts short and (relatively) fast to avoid injury but still get some leg turnover. Joe looked very smooth, he could accelerate any time he wanted but stayed close to “keep you interested”. Our rest was very consistent all 400’s in 1:58. Pushed the last one to see how fast I can go, I still need to drop 1.2 seconds to hit my masters PR for 400. Seems like my wheels just won’t spin that fast.

6x400 with 400 rest:
My training log from 30 years ago this week. Yikes!

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