Friday, April 3, 2009

Track workout

Did my first track workout since the injury back in August. It felt good to get back on the track. Kept it short, which is what I was doing last year. Any longer than 2 miles worth of intervals and I end up injured. Dan V and DQ joined me, or rather I joined them. Actually they were at least 4 seconds up on me for all of the 400s.

2m warm-up
1m on track with stride
6 x 400 @ 75/76/75/75/75/73 with 400 rest (1:53-2:00)
400 on track
2+ warm-down

Sunny and warm, with a good breeze on the final turn.


J.Fyffe said...

I love the track.

David Quintal said...

That was a great first track workout. I have to agree with Justin. Even when I was in high school I always enjoyed track workouts. To me, the track answers a lot of questions. I cannot wait for the next interval workout and do a warmup and a cooldown!


David Quintal said...

I mean warmdown!