Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Cat in a box


I crammed a lot of fun stuff into this month and was able to keep my mileage at a decent level as well. I started doing track workouts this month, with 6x400 being the standard. I’m hoping to have some leg speed when the 5 km New England championships comes around in early June.

Weeks of:
85/70/83/83 for a total of 343 miles with no days off

04-05 – DW field 3.75 mile – 2nd place (1st 40+) 20:36
04-11 – George Davis Invitational 5,000m – 6th place (1st 40+) 16:35.99
04-18 – Chase the Gorilla down Argilla – 4th place (1st 40+) 16:35.8
04-25 – Scott Carlson 5km – 2nd place (1st 40+) 16:42.8

Looking ahead:
I’m hoping to get a solid 5 km in and then aiming for the NE 12 Km championships in Bedford, NH. The final two weekends of the month will feature the start of the USATF NE mountain series. I’m hoping to complete all of the series races. On Memorial Day I plan on running in Gosnold MA which will complete my quest to run in all 351 towns in Massachusetts.


s p running said...

plus, you are still so fast... great running

Trail Pixie said...

Looks like two cats might fit into that box!?

double-d said...

We've got four so we like to make sure they all can join in.