Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Week ending 05-03

I'm back after my trip to MT, WY, ND, SD.....

Another week in the low 80’s. Ran in the last state I hadn’t run in (stories to follow).
Total 84 miles

Monday – lunch run 6 – 4201
PM 6m at Winni with Albee and double-J – 4140

Tuesday – Lunch run 4 with Jack – 3209
PM o/b 8m at Winni with double-J – 5452

Wednesday – 4 on treadmill – 2733
PM run with Eric in VT 6m with trail – 4938

Thursday – 4m at 430 AM with Eric – 3046
PM 8m run on Bike path in Belle Fourche SD with Eric & Albee – 5810

Friday – 4m at 7am @ the Geographic center of the U.S. with Eric – 3011
Mid-morning 4m run o/b to the summit of highest point in ND with Eric & Albee – 3234
Two more miles running to the Brown benchmark and back.
6 PM 3m run in Baker ND with Eric and Albee – 2330
Al and Eric running to the top of ND

Saturday – 3m of running around trying to find a county high point in Fallon ND – 3241
10m run up/down to Tri Point fire tower with Eric and Albee – 7754
3m run in the afternoon looping around Devils Tower – 3133

Sunday – morning run 6m up/down Harney Peak (SD high point) with Eric & Albee – 7835
PM run around Wall SD with Eric & Albee including some on grass/dirt track – 2408

Me standing in SD, ND, and MT.

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