Tuesday, May 12, 2009

May 9 & May 12

Today is one of the two weirdly significant dates in my running. Through a quirk of fate I have never missed running on those two days. The other 364 days I’ve missed at least once in the more than 30 years of running.

May 9 – most run = 19 miles, least run = 3 miles.
May 12 – most run = 16 miles, least run = 3 miles.

I’ve only missed running once on Feb 29, Dec 10, five days in April, and three days in May. It looks like April and May have the least missed days and Nov/Dec have the most.

In all I’ve missed 1,472 days over the span of 11,115 days or 13%. That works out to an average of 1 day off for every 7.5 days run.

Most popular date to not run:
Feb 23 = 9
Oct 10, Nov 19, Dec 27, & Dec 30 = 8

Old Picture from Switzerland in the mid-1990's. Left to right: Mike Casner, Dan Verrington, dd, Lyndon Ellefson, Robb Reece.

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