Sunday, June 21, 2009

Fire towers - New Hampshire

Cath and I journeyed up to Pittsburg, NH a couple of days before the Mt Washington Road Race so that I could bagged the 15th (and final) active standing fire tower in NH. Cath got her 5th tower which qualifies her for a fire tower patch.

Here are the 15 towers (plus Croydon which is not listed as it is on private property) and the dates I climbed them.

Croydon - 5-11-08
Belknap - 11-12-07
Blue Job - 10-13-01
Cardigan - 5-02-08
Federal Hill - 10-08-07
Green - 02-09-08
Kearsarge - 05-09-98
Magalloway - 06-18-09
Milan - 11-21-08
Pack Monadnock - 05-31-92
Oak Hill - 11-09-07
Pawtuckaway - 10-26-93
Pitcher - 05-21-08
Prospect - 06-19-08
Red Hill - 01-26-08
Warner Hill - 09-29-07


David Quintal said...

Dude, didn't you run a race this weekend!

double-d said...

So much going on I must have forgotten!

Hope to write something up today.

David Quintal said...

Congrats to you and Cathy on reaching your fire tower goals:)!

s p running said...

Oak Hill fire tower is only a few miles from me... this inspires me to go do it again.

Great to see you at Mt Washington... congrats!