Friday, June 26, 2009

Mt Washington stats

Here are some of the facts from the 49th running of the Mt Washington road race. I will be posting the updated All-time lists on the Mt W blog over the next week.

2009 Mt Washington stats
917 finishers - most since 2004 and fifth most ever
248 women finished which broke the record of 238 (2004)
The average time for women was 1:59:37 and the average age was 42.46
The men averaged 1:49:53 and the average age was 45.65
Both average ages are a record, in the last 25 years the average age of the field has increased by 11 years
Rickey Gates became the 5th person to break and hour with the 8th fastest time ever run.
Brandy Erholtz became the 4th person to break 1:11, running the 4th fastest time ever. Here winning margin (just under 9 minutes) was the 5th biggest and the largest since 1998.
6 state records were set (all by women) records for: AL, CO, GA, KY, RI, WA
18 single age records were set
George Etzweiler became the oldest finisher at age 89 (2:57:12)
Age group records were set in:
50-54 Craig Fram 66:58 (old record Sumner Brown 72:37)
60-64 William Dixon 82:28 (old record John Pelton 84:32)
65-69 Sumner Brown 94:36 (old record Gerald Barney 94:59)
75-79 Barbara Robinson 2:11:11 (old record Hildy Fosse 2:24:43)
80+ Hildy Fosse 2:39:47 (old record Louise Rossetti 2:48:52)

The only Team CR set was CMS 40+ running 5:53:06 (old record CMS 2008 – 5:55:17), the time was second only to the winning open CMS team

All-Time lists
Top Ten finishes
Men - Simon Gutierrez moves up to 6th on the all time list with 10 top 10’s
Women - Suzy West and Donna Smyers move into a tie for first with 8 top 10’s
Cathy Pearce moved into a tie for 6th with 6 top 10 finishes

Sub 1:20 women - Donna Smyers added to her lead with her 13th

Sub 1:10 Men - Dave Dunham moves into first with 17 sub 1:10’s
Eric Morse moves into 3rd with 15

Sub 1:05 - Simon Gutierrez moved into 2nd with 9
Eric Blake moved into a tie for 5th with 5

Sub 1:02 - Eric Blake moves into a tie for first with 4

Prize Money
207 People have won a total of $143,895
Craig Fram leads the list with $10,500
Dave Dunham has won the most times (19) with Eric Morse in second with 14.
Brandy Erholtz moved up to 5th most for women (14th overall)

Most single age records
Carrie Parsi continues to lead, holding 7 records
Sumner Brown and Barabar Robinson both moved into a tie for second with 6
Carlton Mendell and Simon Gutierrez moved into a tie for fourth with 5.

CMS 40+ was the only team to set a new record this year; however some excellent times were run.
The CMS open team ran the 17th all-time best, only CMS, BAA (2), GBTC (1) and GLRR (1) have run faster.

50+ GCS ran the 3rd fastest trailing only their own times from 2007 & 2008

40+ women, Narragansett ran the 5th fastest all-time
50+ women, the top 3 teams (WCRC, NMC & GCS) were within 1:57 ranking 3, 4, 6 all-time.

Age Groups
40+ Simon Gutierrez ran the 5th fastest ever
40+ women, Tara Cardi ran 9th fastest
50+ Craig Fram set a course record by 5:39 and Kevin Tuck ran the 4th fastest.
Reno Stirrat narrowly missed the age 55-59 record by 28 seconds.
50+ women, Donna Smyers ran the 4th fastest all-time, and Cathy Merra was 6th fastest.
60+ William Dixon set a course record by 2:04
70+ John Pelton ran the 3rd fastest all-time
70+ women, Carrie Parsi ran the 2nd fastest and Barbara Robinson ran the 7th fastest (and set a new CR in the 75-79 age group).
80+ Robert Hall ran the 2nd fastest all-time.
80+ women, Hildy Fosse set a new course record by 11:05

Most finishes
1 Keith Woodward 34 1973-2009
2 Frederick Ross 33 1976-2009
3 Gaetan Breton 31 1973-2008
4 Dianne Menard 30 1979-2009

Current streak
1 Frederick Ross 32 1976-2009
2t Ronald Johnston 28 1982-2009
2t Everett McBride 28 1982-2009
2t William Morse 28 1982-2009
2t Ron Paquette 28 1982-2008

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