Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Since I posted my personal bests (records) or PR’s, I thought I’d also post my PW’s or personal worsts. I took out mountain, trail, snowshoe, XC which are inherently slower and rarely would be run to produce a PR. A few times I took out races that I truly entered as a workout. For example “back in the day” I ran with 5 guys at the Lowell marathon in 2:58. I would take a 2:58 now, but at that time it really was a workout. Instead what I have below are attempts to run well that did not turn out as hoped. I also left a few in, as they are pretty fast PW’s! On a few I listed “excuses”. I separated the list by Open (age 14-39) and Master (40+). The 40+ is kind of funny as some of the times were 40+ PR’s at the time they were run. Of course the sample size is much smaller as I’m only in my sixth year as a master and have only raced 225 times since turning 40.

Open PW’s
Mile 5:28 5/09/79 Billerica, MA 6th place in dual meet vs. Austin Prep.
3,000m 8:44.5 1/05/96 Hanover, NH 1st place at Dartmouth Relays in my 2nd race of day
2 mile 11:47 4/11/79 Lawrence, MA 3rd place in a dual meet vs. Central
5 km 20:56 4/28/93 Fitchburg, MA 8th pl ran to get 26 of the 52 week series races
8 km 25:32 11/26/92 Andover, MA 3rd pl at the Feaster five, as a tempo run, XC nationals 2 days later
5 mile 28:57 4/19/98 Dover, NH 17th pl at Red shoe barn. Ran cautiously, 1st race after 6 mos of injury.
10 km 34:31 4/29/01 Groton, MA Second 10km of the day and third race in 2 days.
12 km 40:32 5/18/02 Bedford, NH 5th place in rain/Snow, alone from 1m felt tired
15 km 50:53 11/23/80 Lowell, MA 10th place, cramped badly at 6m.
10 mile 57:57 12/09/00 Norfolk, CT 1st place, Norfolk Pub (CR) 20 degrees, windy, snowy, bad footing
20 km 6/29/03 1:16:38 Bedford, NH 48th place USATF NE 20K champs the day after Ascutney
½ mar 1:15:16 10/06/01 Hollis, NH 2nd place at Applefest, no gas felt awful
30 km 1:48:34 3/04/01 Clinton, MA 1st place at Stu's, cold windy ran with Beck
Marathon 2:43:31 9/30/00 Bristol, NH 1st place NH Marathon six days after Clarence Demar marathon

40+ PW’s
Mile 4:59.2 12/22/07 Boston, MA 11th pl at BU Mini Meet, it was also a 40+ PR.
3,000m 10:01.1 12/20/08 Boston, MA 16th pl at BU mini meet
2 mile 10:40 7/04/06 Chelmsford, MA 22nd pl at Carson Memorial held off the first woman
5 km 18:53 3/26/05 Gilmanton, NH 8th pl at Gilmanton 5k Better than expected, hilly course
8 km 28:13 7/21/07 Concord, NH 16th pl at Bill Luiti, it was also a 40+ PR at the time.
5 mile 28:49 2/14/09 Haverhill, MA 9th pl at Bradford Valentines, some tough miles uphill into wind.
10 km 36:05 8/09/08 Shelburne, MA 59th pl at Bridge of Flowers (USATF GP).

15 km 56:34 2/01/09 Lynn, MA 22nd pl at Stew Chase. Ran out of gas last 1.3 miles, raced the day before.
10 mile 59:56 2/22/09 Amherst, MA 77th pl at DH Jones USATF NE champs
½ mar 1:18:22 3/19/06 New Bedford, MA 95th pl at NE champs buried in last 5k lost 20+ places
Marathon 2:50:19 10/31/04 Falmouth, MA 18th pl NE champs Aiming for 7's felt good running 6:30's

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Scotty "PHAT" Graham said...

DD, Your taking away my only claim to fame. The marathon you referred to was the one and only time I ever have, or will beat you in a race. You can blame in on the fact that it was 20 degrees and snowing the entire race. Please don't take this from me!!