Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Week ending 6-21-09

87 miles for the week, my best this year.....

M - Lunch 4 o/b alone, heel blister pretty sore - 28:20
PM o/b 8 at Winni alone - 55:11

T - Lunch 4 o/b alone - 27:53
Winni 8 alone - 52:47 (may be my fastest time ever) really felt good

W - Lunch 4 alone - 27:37
PM Winni 8 with jj & dan, felt tired - 56:32

Th - o/b 6 in Nottingham from the barn - 43:03
PM - After hiking Magalloway mountain with Cath did 3m run in Pittsburg NH (saw a moose) 24:41

F - 730am run in the Experimental Forest with Kevin T 65:01
Noon run alone at Atitash felt tired 22:34

Sat - 3 w/up with big group on trails nice and relaxed 23:28
Mt Washington road race 1:09:22 for 20th place and 5th 40+
Run down with George Z, Woody, Eric M, and DQ 1:06:03

Sun - 7 or so in the forest with jj, Brad, Jon H, Albee, DQ, and Francis 61:51
1 PM 4 o/b at Winni alone 29:32

Apologies to KT for being rude to him on the summit.


Anonymous said...

"Apologies to KT for being rude to him on the summit."

I hate you. See you Sunday.

brunovsnark said...

Exceptional performance, Dave.

Tell Woody: Nice race and nice shirt.

Trail Pixie said...

DD, thanks to you and Cathy for the photos! I know what you mean about the age-graded results; it adds another angle--entertaining. It took me to MILE 6 to catch and pass Barabara Robinson! She is amazing! We all got our carrots. Big thanks to Fred Ross for getting me up the rock pile. He is also ama-ZING!
See you at CRanky-no-more.