Sunday, July 26, 2009

Long Run

Long tough "run" today in the water at Stiles. I headed out with the Quintal brothers and 2:25 later we finished the Magellan loop around the pond. I mapped it on USATF's running routes: and it came out to 1.5 miles. It was a heck of a lot of work to cover that amount of "ground".

Here is a progression of my water runs:
04-12-97 - 1 hour U-Lowell pool (first time running in water at UL)
07-26-97 - 1 hour Walden pond (first time running in water at Walden)
07-30-97 - 1:02:30 Stiles pond (first time @ Stiles)
07-31-97 - 1:08:00 Stiles
08-02-97 - 1:25:00 Walden
08-09-97 - 1:30:00 Walden
08-11-97 - 2:00:00 Stiles
08-15-97 - 2:03:27 Stiles
07-26-09 - 2:25:00 Stiles


DoubleJ said...

Dude, the ONLY thing I can do for 2hrs and 25 minutes straight, is run the last 12 miles of the Boston Marathon... nice job.

s p running said...

really nice... that's mental toughness... was it hilly ; )

EJ said...

Hey Double-D,
My coach has me aqua running these days due to a stubborn case of runners knee. I am using the same aqua belt as you but don't have a wet suit and find I really need one after about 45 minutes. I found the early runs extremely slow going and boring but think I have finally relaxed into it and found my groove. Derrick(my coach) has me doing tempos and intervals which at first seemed quite comical considering how slow I am actually moving.
Here is a link to a little comic I did about aqua-running.

double-d said...

Very slow going, but much easier to do with friends. When I'm on my own I use a shuffle and just tune-out. The wet suit is great for when it gets cold out there and it also keeps you floating better. I had trouble with chafing behind my knees so I'm not using the suit this week (waiting for a new "shorty" suit to come in.

We also did some of the long run with "sprints". We gave out bonus points for whoever got to each dock first. It was pretty funny and broke things up.