Friday, July 3, 2009

Loon Mountain - no safe word

The USATF mountain series is scored in a best 5 of 6 format. Next up is Loon Mountain on Sunday. It is wide open right now with Justin Fyffe or Andy McCarron needing to run the last two races. If either of them do they'll likely finish 1 - 2. If they do not run, the gap between the next four runners is close. Here is a breakdown of points and time differntial. It should make for some fun racing over the next two weekends!
Pictured on the summit of Pack: dd, Justin, jj, Dave Q, Jim P, then front Andy M, Todd C, Tim M, and Ben Nephew
Todd Callaghan
32:48 Wachusett
1:08:40 Pack
38:50 Northfield
55:49 Cranmore
3:16:07 Total time

Dave Dunham
33:35 Wachusett
1:07:36 Pack
39:30 Northfield
56:19 Cranmore
3:17:00 Total time

James Pawlicki
32:44 Wachusett
1:06:44 Pack
38:59 Northfield
1:00:14 Cranmore
3:18:41 Total time

Tim Mahoney
33:20 Wachusett
1:09:57 Pack
39:15 Northfield
56:47 Cranmore
3:19:19 Total time

Tim VanOrden
32:45 Wachusett
1:10:34 Pack
40:32 Northfield
58:29 Cranmore
3:22:20 Total time

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