Thursday, July 2, 2009

Mountain series

Exhausted at Cranmore

The scoring in the USATF NE Mountain running series has really tightened up after the fourth of six races was completed last weekend. Cranmore, which was held on June 28, was not only the NE Mountain championships but also served as the US championships. The level of competition was arguably the best in an up/down race held in NE and was probably only second to the deep field at Mt Washington last year (when it hosted the national championship). Most of the series runners will record their lowest scores to date as the winners ran 3 to 4 minutes faster than the top New Englanders. As the series is a best 5 out of 6, it will be unusual to see anyone using Cranmore as part of their best scores.

CMS runners are well entrenched in the top five scores thus far with four of the top five places. Current series leader Todd Callaghan (GCS) holds a three point lead over top 40+ runner Dave Dunham (CMS). The top four are all within 5.5 points and the top five are within 8.6 points. Andy McCarron and Justin Fyffe (both CMS runners) are also in the hunt as both have missed one race. Should they run the final two races either of them could potentially win the series.

367.48 ---4---Todd Callaghan - GCS
364.35 ---4---Dave Dunham – CMS 40+
363.56 ---4---James Pawlicki - CMS
361.82 ---4---Tim Mahoney - CMS
358.06 ---4---Tim Van Orden – CMS 40+
347.63 ---4---Thomas Brown

291.14 ---3--- Andy McCarron - CMS
287.00 ---3--- Justin Fyffe - CMS

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