Thursday, July 16, 2009

Obscure Mountain series facts

The six races this year totaled over 12,000’ of climb and 6,000’ of descent over 38.8 miles. One hundred runners completed all six races thus earning the title “Mountain Goat”. This was a record for the number of Goats breaking the record from 2007 of 61. The average field size was 243 finishers which broke the 2007 record of 213. Pack, Cranmore, Loon, and Ascutney all set records for their biggest fields. Wachusett only came up three runners short of their record and Northfield was 12 short of a record field.

There have now been 65 races over the 14 years of the USATF NE mountain series. Donna Smyth leads the women with 46 finishes while Fred Ross leads the men with 58. Dave Dunham leads all-time scoring with 5,284 points and Donna Smyth leads the women with 3,945.

Races Name Team Points
46 Donna Smyth CSU 3945.18
44 Emer O'Donoghue SRR 3010.76
43 Lisa Doucett CSU 3529.84
43 Laurel Shortell WMAC 2618.08
30 Suzy West CSU 2889.80
30 Kate Naples CCAC 2219.39
24 Dawn Heinrich GCS 1994.12
24 Kathy Hurst 1956.07
17 Abby Mahoney CMS 1575.30
17 Haley Heinrich 1215.68

58 Fred Ross CSU 3375.59
56 Dave Dunham CMS 5284.71
51 Paul Grant CSU 3128.34
50 Richard Stockdale GCS 3717.55
46 Ray Boutotte NMC 2449.06
44 Walter Kuklinski CMS 2801.42
44 Eldon Burkinshaw GCS 2756.56
44 Richard MacDonald GCS 2659.60
39 Skip Cleaver GCS 2212.37
37 Peter Orni NMC 2508.43

Most series titles (all with four or more):
Dave Dunham has seven titles, two overall victories and five in the 40-49.
Barbara Robinson has seven titles, four in the 60-69 and three in the 70+.
Lisa Doucett has seven titles, three in the 40-49 and four in the 50-59.
Eric Morse has six titles, all of them overall series victories.
Peter Orni has five titles, all of them in the 60-69.
Suzy West has five titles, three overall victories and two in the 40-49.
Richard Stockdale has four titles, one in the 40-49 and three in the 50-59.


KG said...

Dave--just read your NER article. It was great but too short. Curses to your editors. Where did you do your Brockton run? I was disappointed it didn't make the cut in your article.

DoubleJ said...

Eric Morse was and still is a STUD.

Dave, what about additional stats like best percentages with at least 7 races completed ;)... or the quickest complaint filed after a race (with you easily taking the lead in that category after your 'NEVER AGAIN' audible called out 2 steps over the finish line at Ascutney)...

double-d said...

KG: Brockton - 02-17-91 Paddy Kelly 5m race.
1. dd 24:29
2. Frank Ritchie 24:44
3. Mike woodman 25:01
4. Mel Gonsalves 25:36
5. Jeff Mutter 25:42
Next NER will have Central Mass...

How about stats on biggest celebration at the finish line? I know you've been practicing :-)