Saturday, July 18, 2009

Foggy morning

It was foggy out there this morning in the water, but that also kept down the number of spectators.

Thanks to Dave and Mike who helped pass the time yesterday. Both are on the Injured Reserves and decided to give water running a try. We did 45 minutes together and I did another hour plus on my own. They both seemed interested in coming back for more.

This morning Petey and Dave La (Pictured above) joined me for an early morning jaunt. I got in 45 min with them at Hart Pond in Chelmsford. We all had wet suits and more importantly water shoes. Hart is a bit overgrown with weeds at the begining and the bottom is a bit slimy. I hit Stiles Pond (Boxford) afterwards and did another hour plus. My rotator cuff is sore and triceps/biceps are sore from the additional arm work. Hopefully I'll get used to the extra workload quickly.

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Petey said...

Keep on, keepin' on, brother.