Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Old Goats

I came across this picture with no names listed on the back. It is the first "Goat" picture. All pictured ran: Wachusett, Kearsarge, and Temple (Pack) in 1996. Any help matching names up to those pictured? I'm third one up on the right.

Here are the folks that did the series (not many are still doing mountain races):

Dave Dunham
Mike Casner
Tom Doody
Ronald Johnston
Thomas O'Donoghue
Rob Bradlee
Harold Lambert
Dave Birse
Jack Casey
Peter Shajenko
Rick Moore
David Maleski
Henry Golet
Peter Paelinck
Will Desrosiers
Steve Davis
Bill Van Valkenburg
Eldon Burkinshaw
Don Ross
Eugene Metto
Edward Sutcliff
James Woodward
Ed Howe
Skip Cleaver

Margo Webber
Karlee Kenison
Lisa Hart
Beth Duton
Katherine Chabot


David Quintal said...

I think there is a zombie somewhere in the crowd.

double-d said...

Could be Shaun....of the dead!