Wednesday, July 8, 2009

One of my favorite races is the Carson Memorial 2 mile held in Chelmsford on the fourth of July. The last two years I entered but ended up not racing. Maybe next year? It's tough as it falls right in the middle of the Mountain series. Looking back at some of the old results....

25 years ago:
07/04/84 2.1 miles 9:38 1st place. I note in my training log that I passed the 2m mark in 9:11.

20 years ago
07/04/89 2.1 miles 9:27 1st place. The field nearly doubled in since 1984 with 300 finishing.
The next day I ran 9:03 on the track and was soundly beaten by Bob Hodge who set a Cawley stadium record with his winning 8:54 effort.

10 years ago

The day before Chelmsford I was outkicked in the last 100m at the Bridgton 4m, but I came back the next day and outkicked Chris Teague in the last 1/2 mile at Chelmsford.
07/04/99 Bridgton ME 4 miles 19:55 2nd place - 1257 finishers
07/05/99 Chelmsford MA 2 miles 9:23 1st place - 1127 finishers


Petey said...


Have you ever measured whether the Carson Race is a net gain or a net loss in elevation?


Petey said...

I have not done the Carson 2-mile in a few years...but...back in the day...

20 years ago - 1989
10:30 for 2.1 miles
11th place

15 years ago - 1994
10:04 for 2.0 miles
12th place


double-d said...

Net loss but very slight.

I love you Petey!