Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Week Ending 07-05-09

Boy do I look like I'm in Pain....

This week I had my lowest mileage since getting sick in January, mostly due to soreness from Cranmore. I’m still in a bit of a post-Mt Washington funk so the low mileage is probably for the best.

M – Lunch 4 o/b alone 33:33 (could be my slowest ever) very sore quads and Achilles.
PM 6m at Winni with JJ and Trish – 46:21

T – 4 lunch with Jack o/b 32:41
No PM run

W – Lunch run 4 o/b alone 30:06 feeling a lot better
PM treadmill run 1 minute step-downs feeling much better – 42:22

TH – Lunch 4 o/b with Jack 31:57
PM Winni 6, wet and muddy 44:10

F – Off from work so double 5m loop (a little short due to road section to avoid the worst mud) with Ken T, Dan V, and JJ – 1:11:11

Sat – 730 AM 6 at Winni alone, feeling good 43:03
11:00 AM 6 o/b on Lincoln Woods rail trail with Paul B and Paul K – 46:44
3 hours marking the course at Loon

Sun – 815 AM 3m w/up with big group 24:51 then another mile on my own. 50:01 5th place in the Loon Mountain race. 3m w/down with GBTC guys, Kasie, and Andy Mc 23:09

Set a PR for the .6 climb up Upper Walking Boss during the race. In 2007 I covered it in 9:22, this year 8:55.

Total for the week = 69 miles
Next up: Ascutney Mountain race on Sunday

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