Tuesday, August 25, 2009

10 Years ago - Susa Italy

Me in Susa
Italy is the country that I’ve raced in the most (after the US). I’m looking forward to going back next week even though I’ll be going as a manager and not racing. Seventeen years ago I ran my first Mountain World championships, when they were held in Susa Italy. I placed 9th and was invited to return the following year for the Challenge Stellina. The Challenge Stellina became one of my favorite races. The town was really into the race and there was a huge parade and all of the invited teams were treated royally. The coffee was always great! I had some decent performances in Susa; 10 years ago I had my worst.

I had been having trouble with my ankle that entire summer and tried not to worry about it because my racing was going well. I went to Italy with Rich Bolt (current US team manager and longtime CMS member now living in Portland, OR) and Richard Shelley. The trip went well right up to the race. My ankle hurt more and more as the race progressed and by the finish I was hobbling to my worst time (1:27:32) and 21st place. After the race I could barely walk and eventually passed out. This earned me a ride down the mountain in an ambulance and a visit to the local hospital. I have never been that scared in a foreign country. Eventually I was released from the hospital on crutches with what they called a “distorted ankle”. That is the coolest sounding injury I’ve ever had. I was out for five weeks and then another 2 weeks in November when I got a cortisone injection. I did not race again for another five months. I did have a bit of a redemption returning to Susa in 2000 and placing 9th with a near PR of 1:23:30.

I’m hoping the team does well and everyone stays healthy in Italy, I’m also hoping for some great coffee!

My Italian race results:
08/30/92---Susa, Italy---9.11---1:13:08---9---World Mtn champs
08/22/93---Susa, Italy---9.57---1:23:23---2---Challenge Stellina
08/21/94---Susa, Italy---9.57---1:22:48---3---Challenge Stellina
08/20/95---Susa, Italy---9.57---1:25:48---10---Challenge Stellina
08/18/96---Susa, Italy---9.57---1:24:52---5---Challenge Stellina
08/23/98---Susa, Italy---9.57---1:27:14---24---Challenge Stellina
08/22/99---Susa, Italy---9.57---1:27:32---21---Challenge Stellina
08/20/00---Susa, Italy---9.57---1:23:30---9---Challenge Stellina

Bolt and Shelley in the opening parade.


DoubleJ said...

Isn't Shelley the guy who tried to fight everyone on the airplane trip over there?

double-d said...

Just Eric for some comments about his wife :-)

There was also an incident where he accused someone of stealing his wallet.

mueblerunner said...

Sounds like a Sienfeld episode - a combination of vegetable lasagna and the episode when Jerry's dad thought someone stole his wallet at the doctor's office. Hey JJ, when you writing about Saunders - is it because the pics aren't available yet?

DD bring back a bottle of wine from Italy!

my word verification was nounmoni - is that a new type of spaghetti?

DoubleJ said...

Shelley had the best stride I've seen in quite some time...I think I saw him in one of the Washington videos...

DQ, what is Saunders?

My word verification was: davequintalrana302310kandwasanallamericanincrosscountryanddoesntlikepeopletouchinghisforks

mueblerunner said...


pbazanchuk said...

37th best time. not too shabby.

Hua said...

oh wow that sucks. Looks beautiful though, nice picture.

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